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Moving Tips That Will Make Your Move A Piece of Cake!

I’m in the middle of another move. I have moved over seven times in the past three years and over twenty times in my life. I’m not a pro mover, but I’m getting there! I have learned tons of tricks and don’t-do’s over the years and I thought I’d share to help you out on your next move!
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1. Don’t procrastinate and pack the day before, but don’t pack too soon!
It’s important to start early and get things packed before the moving day, but it can be a disaster if you pack up too soon! Pack up the items you don’t use very often or that are not necessary weeks before. I like to pack up my books, off season clothes, crafts, and accessories first. I always save the kitchen for last, or I end up eating fast food for days. If you pack up the things you use a lot too soon, you’ll find yourself digging through boxes.

2. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things!
The less you have to move, the easier and quicker it will be. If you have items that collect dust, donate them or sell them at a yard sale. It’s a good cleanse to get rid of the clutter. If you didn’t use an item at your old house, you probably won’t use it at your new one! I donate bags and bags of items every time we move.

3. Label the boxes.
Buy a ton of labels and label your boxes. It’s easy to accidentally pack something you need, but it’s hard to find it when all the boxes look the same. If you pack something into a box, write the item down on the side of the box.

4. Save all of your extra papers, bags, and wrapping paper.
I keep a container full of old newspapers, magazines, paper, and bags to wrap my dishes and other pans in before boxing them up. If I run out, I use clothing instead wasting money on wrap.

5. Before packing, pack your bags.
Most likely, you won’t be unpacking for a day or two. I make sure to pack my overnight bag or suitcase before packing anything else up. I used to go back and dig through my boxes to pack my suitcase. If you are just moving across town, you won’t have to worry about that!

6. Little Baggies.
Pack up nails, jewelry, make up, and other little accessories in little baggies and put them in a shoe box so you don’t lose them!

7. Keep your shoe boxes!
Shoe boxes are perfect for packing away silverware, remote controls, and other wires or chords! Make sure to label your chords so you know what they go to. If you are moving your spices and food items with you, wrap them up and stick them in the shoe boxes.

8. Take advantage of what you have.
If you have baskets, shopping bags, hampers, coolers, and containers, use those as storage bins instead of boxes. It’ll save room and money. If you talk to some companies like walmart, target, grocery store, they can give you their extra boxes from their shipments!

9. The Garbage Bag clothes trick!
I saw this tip on Pinterest and it has changed my life forever. I have a ton of clothes, and I hate rehanging and shoving them in boxes. Wrapping them up with the hangers in a garbage bag is a genius idea! I cuts packing and moving in time tremendously.

10. Wrap up your valuable items with bubble wrap.
I don’t know how many times Jeremy and I have dropped something or banged it into the wall. I learned my lesson and now wrap my valuable items in blankets before carrying them into the house. I wrap my wood dressers, couches, and tables before bringing them in.

11. Save money on movers.
There are a lot of GREAT moving companies, but they are also very expensive. We don’t have a lot of stuff to move and usually do it ourselves. This time we are not into moving at all and decided to hire movers to do it. Instead of going with a moving company, we wanted to find someone who really needed the money and would do it a little cheaper. We are paying Detroit college kids to come in and work for $60 an hour. It seems like a lot, but it saves more money for us while helping these college kids make money. I’ll also order them pizza and make some cookies!

12. Don’t buy too many groceries before your move.
You don’t want to waste food, so buy what you’ll eat and a lot of finger food. I keep fresh fruit, veggies, hummus, yogurt, cottage cheese, baked chicken breast, crackers, rice cakes, and other foods that don’t involve much cooking.

13. Make a checklist.
Moving can be overwhelming. You might be distracted and forget something really important. I remember our last move, we forgot to drop off our cable box and had to ship it instead. Make a list a week before and add on to it as you go.

14. Buy extra tape.
When I’m on a roll, I don’t want to stop! If I run out of something, I hate going out of my way to go get it. I always run out of tape, so make sure to buy extra! You can always use it later down the road, so it won’t go to waste.

15. Think about your pet!
Grumples is used to moving and it doesn’t even phase him. But some pets have lived in their environment all of their lives. Keep their toys, food, and bed out for them while you are packing. Keep that last so they feel comfortable and to take away some of the confusion. I keep all of grumples toys and food in a bin with his bed in the car.

16. Packing your plates
This idea from The Frugal Girls for packing plates is genius! I have done this ever since reading the post. You just place a foam plate on top of each glass plate. This will help keep the glass plates unclipped, and intact!

17. Photo Proof!
If you are moving into an apartment and out of an apartment, take photos! If you want that deposit back, take photos of how you left the place and what it looked like before you moved it! This will help if you are falsely accused of any damage.

18. Clean.
Make sure to clean the place before you move in and clean your place when you move out for the next people!

19. Choose one room in the house to keep all the boxes in.
When we finish packing a box, we put it in the dining room. That way we aren’t dodging boxes while we are moving and it’s easier for the movers to find them. It also makes cleaning easier when all the boxes are out of the way.

20. Use seal and suck bags for your bedding.
Shoving your bedding and clothing into bags can take away a lot of space. Buy seal tight bags to save room and keep the bedspread out of the way!

21. Eat for Energy
Don’t forget to eat healthy good for you food to keep you energized all day long! Fast food and junk will make you want to crash and lay around!

22. Don’t lift weights before the move.
This seems like a silly tip, but I’ve made this mistake! I lifted weights and did an arm day before my last move and it made my move so painful carrying and lifting boxes. Going down the stairs with sore legs isn’t smart either! Stick to the cardio.

23. Plan with the weather.

Try to plan your move during the warmer weather, if you can’t make sure to pack accordingly. Dress warm so you don’t get sick in the cold and make sure to be considerate to your movers. Remember that items can freeze or get ruined in the cold, so pack them smartly!

24. Memberships and Mail change!
Make sure you cancel any gym memberships, or other memberships you have in your area. Some places don’t allow you to cancel unless it’s in person! That would stink if you are already halfway across the country. Add it to your list! Make a mail change a week or two before the move. That way your mail doesn’t come to the old place anymore. Leave a note to the new owners or mail person to inform them where the old mail can be forwarded to.

25. Dress comfortable.
Moving is not a glamorous event. You shouldn’t worry about impressing anyone. Put the old sneakers on, a dirty old t-shirt and sweats or comfortable jeans! Get the hair out of your face and get to work!

26. Take breaks
Moving takes a lot out of you. Don’t forget to sit down and take a break. You don’t want to get too exhausted during the process because you still have to unload and unpack!

27. Use clear bins.
Use clear bins for the important things you don’t want to lose. If you move a lot (us) they will keep you from buying boxes over and over again. They are more sturdy as well!

28. Make it fun.
You have to make it fun, because we all know it’s not! Sure it’s exciting to move into a new place, but the process sucks! Play loud fun upbeat music, play jokes on people (fake snake on the box is my favorite), keep smiling and have food for the people who are helping! When things are fun, the time goes by fast.

29. Pack up the truck with some smarts.
Make sure you don’t pack heavy things on top of boxes, and always put the big items in first! Beds, couches, dressers, chairs, and appliances should go in before boxes.

30. Learn from your mistakes.
Take note of what you could have done differently, what you messed up on and what you’d like to do the next time you move!

Leave your moving tips in the comments below!

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