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Rowan / 16 / Kansas Raging nerd, photoshop abuser, film enthusiast, six foot tall athlete, and part time secret agent slash supermodel. Currently reading A Dance with Dragons. Tags of interest: fashion, art, photography, cool shit, things i’ve made, facespo, i do want, animal kingdom, etcvisitors konami = new Konami() konami.pattern = "718566766982" konami.load("");

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    Packagings of the World - Packaging Design Archive in a Package

    1. Bocce's Dog Bakery
    2. The Lumberjacks 2nd Edition Playing Cards (Concept)
    3. Life-Size Packaging by Imago Box
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    The Hollywood Reporter - Technology

    1. Vimeo Launches Subscription Video Feature
    2. Doppler Labs' Introduces "Bionic Ears" That Can Control Live Sound Experience
    3. China's LeTV Unveils $4.8M Investment Plan for Hong Kong Video Market