skinnedcartree · Apr 16, 2016

30 thoughts I’m having about approaching 30

I’m 30 in a few months and it’s killing me. I cannot believe my age. I do not feel like an adult. I mean, 30 isn’t even a new adult. It’s rather deep into adult. I’m like, a professional adult. Or something. But I don’t feel like one at all. Let’s take yesterday, for example. I drank way too much the night before, slept in my clothes and makeup, didn’t get out of bed until 5pm after spending all day being busy trying not to die. I thought I’d get over that kind of behaviour years ago. Nope.

So here are some of the thoughts I’m having about heading into my 30’s.

  1. Wait, what? How did this happen? I’m too young for this!
  2. I’m never having kids, am I?
  3. Is it still acceptable for me to drink during the week? LOLOLOL Like I’ll ever stop that.
  4. Are my hangovers going to get worse?
  5. Should I save up for a mortgage or go back to Florida for a few weeks?
  6. When I was a kid, 30 year olds looked SO OLD. Is that what kids see when they look at me? Ew.
  7. How much longer can I pull off long hair?
  8. It’s cool that I still watch Pokemon, right?
  9. And play Minecraft. On a shared server. With 12 year old American boys.
  10. Seeing as I can no longer con a man into loving me using my fresh as a daisy young looks, I guess I best work on this shit personality of mine.
  11. I’m going to die alone.
  12. I should lower my standards when it comes to men.
  13. No wait, I can get some cats and lots of Spiced Rum! Screw you, sucky men!
  14. At least I get attention on social media. I don’t need no man.
  15. I hope I don’t turn into one of those people that watches soaps ever night. EW EASTENDERS!
  16. But I’d happily get back into Hollyoaks.
  17. If I don’t have kids, it’s probably something I’ll regret as I’m turning 40.
  18. I wonder if I should adopt in a few years.
  19. LOL who am I kidding, nobody is going hand over a small human for me to try and grow.
  20. I just remembered about the time I killed 2 cactus. I should forget about kids. And pets.
  21. Is it weird like I still spend most evenings in my room on my computer. Just like when I was a teenager?
  22. I should make more effort with ironing. Or something like that.
  23. Is it okay that I still find poo jokes funny? POO EMOJI FTW.
  24. I wonder if people think it’s creepy I’ve been single for so long. I mean, I am creepy. But I just hope people don’t know that I am. It’s kinda embarrassing that the more men get to know me the less they like me lolz.
  25. I’m fuming that I still have teen acne and I’ll be getting the wrinkles soon.
  26. At what point am I classed as a mature blogger?
  27. Ohhhh shit.
  28. I have no idea how to celebrate. Do I even want to celebrate?
  29. When I was younger, I thought I’d totally have my life together when I’m thirty. Jesus, I’m a right mess.
  30. Will the transformation hurt?

How do you feel about getting older?

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