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Secret-Mask.com Review

PR Sample/Gift

Hey everyone! So a company called Secret-Mask contacted me asking if I wanted to try out some tattoo after care cream and a couple of samples of their other products. I have been wanting to try some cruelty free/vegan tattoo after care since getting my third and most vivid tattoo last year. I have been on the hunt to find a cream in the UK or EU to keep the colour as fresh as the day I had it done but I could only find some in the USA or that was tested on animals so you can understand how happy I was to give this a pop! Admittedly, I have never heard of Secret-Mask and it's not a known brand among the CFBloggers so I asked a couple of questions in an email to double check they were cruelty free and vegan:
''The same requirements and commitments (with proof) are part of the screening and testing by PETA to allow a company to use their logo
> 1) Are any of your finished cosmetic products tested on animals either by your company or through a third party? No.

> 2) Are any of the ingredients you use in your cosmetic products tested on animals either by your company or through a third party? No.

> 3) Are you or your manufacturers owned or affiliated with any companies that may test on animals? No.

> 4) Do you currently sell your cosmetic products in China? No.

> 5) Do any of your cosmetic products contain any animal by-products (e.g. lanolin, carmine, albumen, whey, beeswax, etc)? No.

> 6) Do you have a list of vegan friendly cosmetic products? Since we are manufacturing only vegan and cruelty free cosmetic products, a complete list will include every product on sale on our website. Future products will also be manufactured according the same requirements and commitments since this is a non negotiable principle from our part as a company. ''

I was really grateful Secret-Mask was able to answer my questions with confidence and I was very happy with the answers provided, along with the relevant logos dotted on their site and all of their products which I love to see as sometimes it can be hard to tell if a company is cruelty free or carry vegan products.

The package itself took two and a bit weeks to arrive on my doorstep tightly wrapped in a bubble envelope very securely, which I love to see as it shows that people care about products arriving across country. The products inside were contained in this reusable little bag that had a full sized product, two sample pots and lots of useful information about the brand and an in depth list of the ingredients in the products. So far I am blown over by the care and attention that has gone into this package so if you quickly wanted to look up something in their product range you can and everything is clearly labeled on all of the products and information.

Tattoo-Tattooed skin care / $37.80 /Link

This is a full sized bottle of the new product that was launched by Secret-Mask. It aims to moisturize and to maintain any healed tattoo be it full colour or black and grey with B vitamins, dead sea minerals and UV protection to last throughout the day. It's suitable for sensitive skin as it has no added perfumes which is a bonus for me as my skin reacts weirdly to perfumed creams. Since I have both full colour and black tattoos (one older than the other) I wanted to test run this product to see if it lives up to the claim. Firstly it smells delicious and I'm guessing that's the mixture of natural oils that are present in this cream as it smells sweet and almost like vanilla ice cream. (don't ask why but you will have to trust me on this one) The product is on the thick side but I would rather that and know that it could cover a larger tattoo rather than be really thin but it does blend really well into my skin and leaves no residue whatsoever. After using it for a good week or so my tattoos feel and look a lot better on my more older line work to look crisp and clear, and for my colour piece it has helped to maintain the bright reds, yellows and oranges throughout which I am super pleased about!

Secret BB cream - Light / $13.30 / Link

The first sample pot I received was a BB cream in the shade light. This cream is best suited for people with slight tanned skin and as I tan really well in the summer I wanted a BB cream that was a shade darker than my usual go to cream. For a sample pot I was given a generous amount and I'm still working through it! Again it has dead sea minerals, UV protection and vitamins E and B5 in the active ingredients list and I'm glad because you know that you are getting the same base ingredients throughout the products. Now for my combination skin this cream was a little too thick so I had to mix a drop into my normal face cream for me to blend the product out. The coverage is really good and felt light once it has adsorbed into my skin so I could wear just this alone if I want some coverage without putting my full face of makeup on. Again it has this sweet creamy smell which in turn made my face smell sweet and I got a lot of compliments on it!

Beauty and Sun / $14.60 / Link

The final sample I received was an after sun cream in again a generous quantity that contains aloe vera, vanilla extract, dead sea minerals and shea butter. Currently in the UK there is a need for after sun creams when it comes to after sun care and since we are getting hotter summers I'm surprised we haven't come up with a good range of products. My go to before I turned cruelty free was a big bottle of blue gel I had from my trip to the USA years ago and that was amazing for sun burns and general after sun use. This beauty and sun cream reminds me a lot of that gel with it's cooling effects and moisturizing properties. I haven't been burnt this time round but this cream is really soothing to put onto my skin after spending all day in the sun on the places where I don't have tattoos. If we had this cream readily available in the UK it would be a hit because I've seen some folk that could use this cream after being in the sun a bit too long.

Thanks again to Secret-Mask for letting me review their products and I hope you guys and girls have enjoyed reading this review! See you on Monday for my weekly Mood board posts.
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