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What's on my school supply list???

2014 - 2015 School Supply List
You might be asking what I do with everything....here's the answer!
Note: I use pictures because I'm used to teaching a high Hispanic population and this helps with translation issues.
Supply List 1) 4 Boxes of Crayons - I give each student a new box of crayons at the start of each quarter. Crayons are the cheapest during back to school season.

2) 1 inch binder - This is the take home binder that goes back and forth each day. The binder allows me to fit the school agenda in it and page protectors to keep needed items handy (word lists/lunch menus).

3) Glue sticks - The reason I request 4 or more NOW is that during back to school time they are the cheapest they will ever be. We do many learning projects and glue sticks are a must.

4) Pencils - because the kids eat them...and seriously, I don't really know how we go through so many...

5) Clipboards - each student needs one because we are always on the go with our learning. Laying on the carpet to write, sitting with groups to gather information, or searching around the room for problems I've taped to every item possible.

6) Tissues - because snot is gross and the toilet paper at school will tear up a little ones nose.

7) Composition Notebook - Used as a writing journal and/or interactive notebook. To begin to learn to write on notebook paper.

8) Zip Lock Bags - So many reasons...store yummy leftover food from a cooking project, a random lost tooth, a broken piece of jewelry...the list goes on.

WISH List This list is just that. It's my wish. If items do not get purchased, I will eventually buy them because they make my classroom work.
1) EXPO markers - I use them daily AND the kids use them daily in small groups. If a lid gets left off, then the marker dies a slow death. We need a lot of these.
2) Lysol Wipes - germs, germs, and more germs.
3) Watercolor Paints- occasionally I wake up feeling brave and let 24 7 year olds paint...at the same time.
4) Skittles - I have an amazing candy machine in my room that takes real quarters. I use it as a reward and it's incredible what the kiddos will do to earn a quarter for the machine.
5) Hershey Kisses - I reward students and say "Kiss your brain and make it sizzle!" and "You deserve a Kind Kiss for being kind!' - when this happens they are allowed 1 Hershey Kiss. This one Hershey Kiss is a big deal...I promise!
6) Paper Products - we will eat to learn a lot and we will party like there's no tomorrow when we work hard and reach our goals.
7) Extra Erasers- because mistakes happen a lot when you're learning to write!
8) Colored Paper - For parent letters that need to stand out, for learning stations, for learning projects, for mothers day cards etc...
Parents: You may download the PDF file to print by clicking HERE Teachers: You may download the editable file by clicking HERE

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