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Dividing Syllables – Open and Closed Syllables

Are you working on dividing syllables, specifically with open and closed syllables? Your learners won’t be able to resist these “cut the cheese” syllable cards from my 6 Syllable Types Interactive Pages Pack!

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Dividing Syllables with Open and Closed Syllables

Understanding how to divide syllables not only helps learners read longer words, but spell longer words as well. Lately, my 2nd grader and I have focused a little more on the 6 syllable types. He was so excited that I created some “cut the cheese” open and closed syllable cards for him. Hey, sometimes you just have to make it sound fun to get kids interested!

I copied the cards on cardstock for durability. With each card, he cut the word at the syllable juncture for either open or closed syllables and then read the word. {Yes, he has dirty fingernails. If I waited until he didn’t, I’d never get pictures!}

If you don’t want to have students physically cut the words apart, you can laminate the cards or entire sheet of words and ask learners to simply draw lines with a dry erase marker. To have an accountability piece, learners could write the words on a separate piece of paper to show how they divided the syllables.

The nice part about cutting the syllables apart is that in a later lesson, learners can go back and re-match the words. This can be played on a tabletop like a memory match game, or even in a pocket chart as center.

Learners can even mismatch beginning and ending parts to create and read silly words. The best part is they have to apply the open and closed syllable “rules” to the silly words, too!

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