How I got delivered from masturbation addiction - Tosin Silverdam

Tosin Silverdam is the guy with feminine look that I have featured here a few times. He writes on how he got delivered from masturbation. Read below...
I'm writing this to share my experience with masturbation addiction, because this has become a problem for many teenagers and adults, both male and female. I almost ruined my life with incessant masturbation, I do it 2-4 times daily. I derived pleasure in engaging in it not knowing I was making my life miserable. I started masturbating at the age of 16 after watching pornography and I wanted to know if I'm matured enough to ejaculate.
I masturbated for good 7 years, i enjoyed doing it, it was quickie, i masturbate to ease myself when i'm restless, unhappy or tired. I was terribly addicted to it, i do it in the bathroom, in my room, or anytime i'm lonely. I enjoyed it most especially when i'm watching pornography, it was sweet, i didn't have a girlfriend, i was battling low self esteem. It was crazy, it was fun, especially when you're about to ejaculate but immediately you ejaculate, you become remorsed for doing it.

Masturbation addiction made me loose so many things in life, i was stagnant, disappointment, delay to success, difficulties began to set in, it almost ruined my sex life. It affected my health because i was always weak, i was having heart burn, burning discomfort in my abdomen region, ache in my penis region. It affected me academically, financially, morally and spiritually as a christian. I needed to stop it cos i was already seeing the repercussion, it was so hard for me to stop it, i tried praying and fasting but it didn't work, i googled some articles online on how to stop masturbation, it worked, yes it worked but i found myself doing it again after 2 months of abstinence.

Well, according to some medical doctors, it is very healthy to masturbate, while according to some pastors, it is a sin, while some pastors say it is not a sin. Whichever way, masturbation is addictive and most people do abuse it. I abused it, it wasn't easy to stop but it deals with your mindset. It can be
good to masturbate once or twice in a month but it can be very dangerous if you masturbate everyday. Once you start masturbating, it becomes hard for you to stop, for me, i think those who masturbate everytime are perverts.

Masturbation is still safer than sex, but it ruins you psychologically when you become an addict. So many became an addict like me, some are still an addict, while some will be an addict. If you are feeling guilty after masturbation, it means you know it is bad. Masturbation is good but when you become an addict, then it is bad. I'm sure you want to stop it but you just don't know how to stop it, i went through a lot when i needed to stop it, it takes the grace of God to stop chronic masturbation, if possible deliverance. For me, i'll rather advice you to masturbate than to visit a prostitute, but believe me abstinence is the best. Masturbating everytime is evil..

I cried, i prayed and asked God for forgiveness, promised never to do it again, but i will come back and do it. I became fustrated, i couldn't speak to anyone about it, whom do i talk to? that i'm addicted to masturbation? God forbid! I was only naive and foolish, speaking to someone about it was the best, not just anybody, speak to someone who is sane and sage. I remember i told someone about it and the stupid advice the person gave me was, ''masturbation reduces the risk of prostrate cancer'', like seriously? Is that what i need? Watch who you talk to.

So many teenagers and youth masturbates 2-3 times daily, which is bad, you're a pervert if you do this. It would affect you negatively. How i got delivered from masturbation wasn't easy at all, some of the 5 major steps i took.

1. I Talked To Someone/Counsellor: I was having difficulties on how to stop this, i decided to talk to someone/counsellor, to seek an advice. They guided me, led me in righteous path. You could go to rehab center or groups, they are willing to help you. I don't know if speaking to a pastor is adviceable cos sometimes, things like this is not only about deliverance and prayers or even fasting. You can pray, fast about it but you should also consult someone or people that are going to help you fight it.

You can't fight masturbation addiction by yourself, talk to someone, don't be ashamed to talk to someone. Chronic masturbation is still better than visiting prostitutes regularly, so speak to someone who you think that can help you.

2. I Got Myself Busy: Being idle is a disease, when i didn't have anything to do, i tried to read some books, bible, watch movies, visit a friend, i wasn't alone. Cos when you're alone, that thought comes straight into your mind. I'll advice you to just sleep. In my own case, during this stage, i discovered my writing talent, i also discovered Linda Ikeji's blog and i was inspired to start a blog of mine, i started a Fiction & Non-Fiction Stories blog. I got busy and addicted to my blog and writing stories, my blog now has over 3 million views out of being idle and abstinence from masturbation. Find something to do, don't be idle....

3. Deleted Pornography From My Phone And My Life: This is important, to me i still prefer you stay away from browsing and camera phones, stick to non browsing phones, phones that don't have video camera and start using Nokia torchlight for some period. I was adviced to stay away from browsing phones, i had to use a non browing phone for a long time. Although, its not easy to do for some people to do away with browsing and camera phones, but i'll advice you to delete every pornography pictures and videos on your phone and laptop, like i did.

4. Stopped Visiting Pornography Sites Or Groups: There are so many porn sites, i ran away from them, i stopped visiting them. I remember i used to bookmark them, i had over 20 hottest and favourite pornsites, i had to delete them. Also, i know there are some porn groups on BBM, Whatsapp and other social media platform, please stay away for a long time. I stayed away from them and i survived..

5. I Stayed Away From Sexchat or Phone Sex: This is one of the most horrible thing to do, sex chatting, phone sex is a gateway to masturbation, is it possible to sex chat and not masturbate? Is it possible? No, it not possible, the worst part is the sex chatting on Skype, or any video calling media. Its dangerous, exchanging nude pictures and all that, i just had to stop all of it. You also have to stop it as well.

You just have to fight like i fought mine. If you don't have a girlfriend or sex mate, i'll advice you to masturbate once or twice in a month to ease yourself or better still don't masturbate at all if you're the pervert type.

This is my little story on masturbation addiction, how i became a survivor, how i fought it. I'm sure you can get some helpful tips from my testimony.
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