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DIY Christmas Wrapping

Do It Yourself

Every year I love to wrap a few special presents in my own wrapping paper. I’m probably a total idiot, because it would take far less time if I’d just buy a roll from the shops, but there is something special about doing it yourself and creating something bespoke.

It’s best to embark upon creating your own wrapping if you have a little bit of time on your hands (which is exactly the opposite of what I have as normally I wrap everything on Christmas Eve!) but the designs that I’ve created are simple enough that you’ll be able to bash them out – as long as you leave enough time for everything to dry, you’ll be fine!

Below I’ve detailed four different ways you can create your own, with minimal equipment. Simply pick up some plain white wrapping paper and some brown parcel paper (I found mine in Tiger) and you’re nearly good to go…


The first is so simple! I cut my wrapping paper out to the size that I needed for my gift, and then used a red Tombow brush pen to write “Hohoho” across it diagonally. With the pen, the ink is dry almost instantly, so this is the quickest method. If you’re not confident writing in straight lines, it might be worth using a pencil and ruler to create guides on the paper that you can rub out afterwards.

Of course, this method requires a little calligraphy, but I couldn’t recommend a Tombow Brush Pen for practising your calligraphy enough – you won’t run into problems with surfaces and making a mess like you might with a nib and ink. All you need to nail is the letters h and o for this design – both very easy to master!

If you’d like to write something else with your brush pen, you can Google calligraphy alphabets for ideas on how to form your letters, or get your mitts on Chiara’s fab book, Nib Ink, which will teach you everything you need to know.


This next design is a lot easier if you can’t grasp the calligraphy! It’s just simple polkadots, but they are made all the most effective by using a fancy ink.

This metallic ink palette from Fine Tec is my absolute favourite. I used it for calligraphy for both my wedding and Reem’s – so it’s seen a good bit of use. The gold that it creates is wonderfully shiny and almost looks like it’s been embossed, so even the simplest of designs are super effective.

To apply the ink to the paper, I use a Pentel Waterbrush (it adds water to the brush when you squeeze it) but a regular paintbrush and water will work just as well.

You don’t need to worry about your dots looking too perfect – it’ll still look great if they are slightly uneven. Accessorise with a gold bow to match.


Ahhh brown parcel paper. It’s been a staple of my Christmas wrapping for years now, and I’m always trying to find new ways to jazz it up. This first design is similar to the polkadots, but instead utilises another of my favourite inks. Get your mitts on Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White if you want a white that is super opaque. It looks really effective on brown paper, but would also work just as well on other dark colours – black would also be great to try!

Again, I use my waterbrush, to alternate between tiny dots and messy “snowflakes” – it couldn’t be easier, even for people not used to a brush and ink in their hands.

I jazzed this one up with parcel string and gold string, and a bit of Christmas tree that I snipped off from the back (!!!) for a bit of colour.

We wish you…

I’ve saved my favourite for last. Again, this design requires a bit of calligraphy knowledge, so might not be suitable for beginners, but I think it would look just as effective if you wrote your phrase in a different style – from messy caps to your own handwriting.

I scored out some light diagonal lines across my paper with a pencil and ruler, and then used my medium sized waterbrush to write my Christmassy phrase across the paper.

When it’s dry and you’ve wrapped your present, it looks really effective! Of course you won’t be able to read the phrase, but it looks beautiful anyway. I popped a red ribbon and a candy cane on this one, and think it’s my favourite!

Any questions about the above?
Drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to help!

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