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Vintage Moroccan Rugs were the basic tradition adapted by the native Moroccan due to their distinctive and unique climate of the region. Anciently, they were woven by their women and using them as bed coverings and sleeping mats. They were woven by Moroccan women with intricate designs and features because of their religious beliefs of repelling negative spiritual powers.

This kind of mats provides paranormal, ethereal, incorporeal as well as fleshly and somatic protection or guardedness. The designs of carpets are very unique and individual. In Moroccan, different cities of the country have unique and captivating designs and features of Moroccan carpets which distinguish them from another one.

You can buy Moroccan Carpet Online from Us:

At Boucherouite rug we provide best quality Berber Rugs. We use quality materials and our staff is experienced to give you quality work.


• They are sturdy and chunky with heavy piles which make them serviceable as well as utilitarian for the snow-capped mountains of Atlas.

• Embellishing and adorning your house with the Moroccan carpets is the pre-eminent as well as the finest way of uprising and uplifting you up.

• Moroccan carpets are widely used in a rotation of seasons such as they are used as blankets in cold to combat with extremely cold climate of that region.

• You can use them in the extreme weather conditions in summers also.

• Moreover, it is also possible to use Vintage Moroccan Carpets in hot areas of the world or during the hot season of the year where people cover their beds with them as they enhance the look of your room

• Moroccan carpets are unique and ornamental that they can be used anywhere in the house in any style and design, they look tremendous and adorable décor pieces.

• These rugs and carpets contribute to the local economy at an admirable level as they are the source of income to those people who belong to backward areas and not able to get their needs. They work by hand and weave these rugs and carpets to meet their needs. Local workers get a fair share for their work.

Not only on the individual level but on the national level they can add economic progress. They are exported to different counties of the world online. Their extraordinary quality and interior attract the people and force them to buy at least one for them.

• Vintage Moroccan mats or rugs don’t lose their value even if they get old, they are precious.

• People also send these rugs as a present to their loved ones to show them a special attachment and care for them. These carpets are your long-term companions and make you feel the old traditions are still there with their effective heritage.

How to acquire these rugs?

In the local market, the copies of vintage Moroccan mats are also placed with low and short-term quality with more expensive prices. We are offering you 100% pure and reliable vintage rugs with the feature as explained above like their texture, styles, and especially the stuff of pure wool and leather. You may buy these adorable rugs at very affordable prices. You can visit our website to place your order.

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