“How big of a Moroccan carpet should I buy?” is a question many people ask themselves when they are looking for a Handmade carpet. You measure the room, you go through the range of products, and maybe you find the perfect fit. Or you don’t, and decide to make a custom order instead. Or maybe you will be satisfied with a carpet that really is a few centimeters too short or too long. It is important to know that the carpet size is just as important as the look. Wrong size can create disharmony in the whole room and spread the feeling that something in the room just isn’t right.

Maybe it feels tiresome and time-consuming to find the perfect carpet in the perfect size. Of course, it is always up to the individual to decide what works best in their own home, but if you want a little help on the way regarding carpet size, there are a couple of guides you can follow.

A common mistake many people make is buying a too-small carpet, which results in making the room feel smaller than it actually is. Or you buy the right size, but the way it is placed will be off, which can make the room feel unbalanced. Let’s go through some easy tips and tricks to get the right size and right placement of handmade Moroccan rugs in the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen.

Living room

In the living room, we recommend that you either place only the sofans front legs on the Moroccan carpet, or the whole sofa on the carpet. You can of course have a smaller living room rug, but then you should not have the sofa stand on the carpet at all, instead place the carpet a bit in front of the sofa.

We at Azilal rug store think it looks really good with an extra Moroccan large carpet if you have room for it. Go ahead and have a look at our assortment of large rugs and rugs 300x400 cm.


When you wake up in the morning, you would prefer it if your naked feet met something warm and soft on the floor when getting out of bed, and that is why we prefer placing the Moroccan carpet underneath the bed. A common mistake many people do is to place the carpet too far down underneath the bed, that is, only under half the bed, which means that your feet will miss the carpet when getting out of bed. The best placement is underneath the whole bed, either all the way up to the wall or just beneath the bedside tables. Remember that the Moroccan carpet should be long enough to stick out a bit from the end of the bed too.


No matter the shape of your kitchen table, there is one simple rule you should always follow. Your kitchen carpet should be big enough for the chairs to still be placed on it even when they are pulled out from the table.

Rectangular table = rectangular rug

Square table = square rug

Round table = round rug

And so on...

Tip! Although a Moroccan carpet that is too large is always better than one that is too small, There should always be about half a meter of space from the edge of the carpet to the wall so the floor may be visible.

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