The Story Behind the Beni Ouarain Rug

A real Beni Ouarain rug is made of 100% wool. The rug is woven by women from the Beni Ouarain tribe, and originates from the Taza area south of the Rif mountains of Morocco. Beni Ouarain is an association of 17 tribes that historically dates back to the 9th century.

The families lived a primitive nomadic life in tents high up in the mountains - and right up to our time they have lived untouched and isolated from the rest of the world. The sheep they cared for were of a unique and ancient breed - known for their fat wool and high quality. The women tied Beni Ouarain blankets of wool to protect the family from the harsh winter. The rugs were extremely warm and soft and typically 4x2 meters, so the whole family could lie on one half - and with the other half pulled over.

Beni Mrirt - the highest quality

The Moroccans themselves regard Beni Mrirt as the creme de la creme of Berber rugs. These luxurious rugs are known for their very tight knotting and are made of wool of the highest quality with a high content of lanolin which gives the rug a very nice shine. Compared to the traditional rhombus design of Beni Ouarain rugs, Beni Mrirt rugs have intriguing abstract patterns derived from Berber symbols. The pile length of these fine rugs is typically often a little shorter than one sees at Beni Ouarain.

Beni Ouarain - the favorite for your home decor

Beni Ouarain is considered one of the most prestigious rugs from Morocco. Known for their soft and luxurious fur in off-white wool. Beni Ouarain's expressions are typically kept in simple timeless patterns in dark brown or black colors. Despite their size, these beautiful rugs have a minimalist look that makes Beni Ouarain a favorite in modern home decor worldwide. Once you have felt the quality of these exclusive rugs, you just have to own one.

Beni Ouarain rug - how are they made today?

Today, women from the Beni Ouarain tribe still knit these amazing rugs, but unfortunately, there are also many cheap and bad copies in circulation that are mass-produced. At Morocco Design, we only sell Azilal rugs made of high-quality wool and the pile is 25-45 mm long.

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