Better After

THE BEST OF YOUR BEFORE AND AFTERS! This is a showcase of my favorite part of any design project or makeover: The before and afters! It's always better after! I love seeing transformations of thrift store treasures or overlooked items into beautiful and functional design and decor. I'm endlessly inspired by what people can conceive and create. Do you have any before and afters to submit? Please share! BetterAfter@live.com

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    P.S. - I Made This...

    1. Monogram Duffle Bag
    2. Fruit Wedges
    3. Jeweled Cap
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    All Things Thrifty Home Accessories and Decor

    1. GMCHTA Master Bedroom Reveal
    2. DIY Rope Rug
    3. World’s Longest Yard Sale 2014 Hidden Treasure Adventure with GMC