Hello! My name is Shana, this is my handsome hubby Adam, and I finally found a place where I can share all of my obsessions, grow my own personal style, and not annoy my husband by asking him if "this looks good on me," that's what I have you guys for! I love my family more than anything, which is why I am still here in Vegas, I love dance, I love performing, I love playing my viola...which I am trying to do again after 10 years, and I love fashion...finally. I don't like to wash my hair, my longest is 5 days shhhhh, and I am really disorganized...but I can plan a party like nobodies business! If I could find a way to make money thrifting for people and helping them find color in their life I would do it...we shall see how that works out. I can be reached at dhnshana@aol.com or you could leave a comment as I love how everyone is so genuine and sincere...so be nice...I am sensitive :O)

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