My name is ThinkSoul25, also known as Jasmine McGee and I am a freelance pop culture writer and blogger from the DMV, also known as the Greater DC Metro. I currently run my blog ThinkSoul25, which is an avenue for people to learn about different aspects of pop culture. I write about hip-hop, house music, dance, classic music, jazz, old movies, videogames (I'm a girl gamer), fashion, body image, and so many other topics. I have some very bold opinions, yet I always show both sides of a situation. If your looking for some refreshing insights from a young black college student, with a wide range of interests, then ThinkSoul25: Thoughts of an Urban Nomad is a blog worth checking out! follow me on twitter @thinksoul25 and check me out on fb http://www.facebook.com/Jazei2

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