Hello, and welcome to bigsistyle! We are Jacquie (22), Justine (20), and Jill (15), and we are the three big sisters of six kids! We live and blog on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This blog is about our different lives and styles that reflect who we are as individuals, as well as that older sibling that you have (or you wish) to steal clothes from ;) So come in and make yourself at home.. and get inspired, why don’t ya? twitter / email

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    Wendy's Lookbook

    1. Textures :: Noir lace & Soft feathers
    2. Summer colors :: Red blazer & Blue prints
    3. Casual Denim :: Destructed jeans & Relaxed chambray
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    keiko lynn

    1. Five Things About Me
    2. Makeup Monday: Watermelon Nail Tutorial
    3. Happy Weekend!