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Cupcakes and Cashmere

Elevate everyday life

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Felicity Griffiths

Attempting to be a fashion and lifestyle blogger... see my blog at https://www.felicitygriffiths.blogspot.co.uk


a Malaysian blogger living in sunny Singapore, blogging about life, fashion, anything and everything.

Dana McFarland

I am an organic lifestyle blogger learning to eat a plant-based diet one carrot at a time - but I could definitely go for some cheese right now. Follow my journey at: organicowlblog.com


Daytime Librarian Future Economist Wannabe Blogger Self-proclaimed foodie Happiness Generator Smile enthusiast


Boutique owner/Fashion blogger/Photographer/Make-up artist/ Stylist... Dreaming in vivid color and endless possibilities!


I love beauty and all it means, is every aspect in every sense. I like to be creative and I appreciate creativity.

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