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College Fashion

The original and #1 college girl fashion blog, featuring fashion tips for students, the latest fashion trends, campus street style photos, beauty tips, coupons for shopping on a budget and advice on how to maximize university life.
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A blog about all aspects of health brought to you by your average college student obsessed with health, organization, and overall well-being. // Sending healthy vibes your way //

Mohamed Noamany

The official Bloglovin page of Mohamed Noamany, owner of Mohamed Noamany.

M. J.

eighteen. book lover. dreamer of dreams.


Abnormedia.com feeds your appetite for the strange, weird, odd, quirky, bizarre, and offbeat.

Becca Brown

My blog is about college, fashion, beauty, and anything else I feel like sharing to the world. Please follow the blog profile! Thank you!!!!


We're a fashion blog that sees the magic in everyone. We celebrate individual style and self-love ☆


Meet Athena and Alysta Lim, the twins who run mypassengerdiaries. This blog will be dedicated to the awesome field of travel and culture, food, photography, and fashion.

Kayla Consolo

Head Makeup Artist and Owner of the on-site beauty company called Deco Adamo

Traveling Curl

I'm a college student, a sometimes fashionista, and a huge nerd. I run a blog called The Traveling Curl all about my life, clothing, beauty, and everything in between.


The life of a twenty something farm girl...

J u j u +

Love her,but leave her wild | just trying to do better everyday. 19

Z Perez

16, MNL PH

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Cacha Lopez

Cacha` is a Manager, Stylist, Photographer, Owner of Jewels by Cacha`, and Co-Founder of The Network. Cacha` has extensive experience planning events, shooting and styling fashion campaigns.

Wendy Vazquez

A little bit of everything, and a lot of nothing. Blogger/NYC PR girl by day, Sailor Moon by night.

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