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Elaine Fioravanti

Fashion Stylist, Fashion Blogger, Personal Shopper, and Wardrobe Consultant. F.I.T Alumni, Love NYC, Great Hubby & 2 kitties! Best Dressed Ginger is my personal fashion and style blog.

Hannah Wilkinson

My name is Hannah, I'm 20 years old, from North Yorkshire, England and I'm currently living in Southampton completing a degree in fashion and culture journalism!

Danielle Tennent

Vintage Boutique Owner, New Orleans Style Examiner, Fashion Junkie.......

Taylor Morgan

Writer of the Life & Style blog Little Blonde Book. Mother and Fashion lover.

Nikki Estelle

Name: Nikki Estelle ● Age: 23 ● Daughter: Jada ● Status: In a relationship ● Interest: Crafting, Blogging, Being a Mother, Gaming, Design, Fashion, College, Working, Traveling, and Cooking

Jessica Kandler

Writer, designer, traveler, eater, amateur photographer.


SirenLondon is recognised for its unique blend of vintage inspired bohemian style dresses, affordable clothing and accessories www.sirenlondon.com

Tasha M

Fashion blogger from Miami, living in Atlanta ____________ http://www.fashionforaverage.com/

Nadia Hartvigsen

fashion. writing. health. this is my escape.

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

http://www.queenbeeofbeverlyhills.com/ the best in authentic designer handbags from Gucci, Fendi, Prada YSL and more. Feel free to contact us with any questions at (213) 985-2597.


Mum by day, blogger by night. If I were a superhero I would save people from themselves.

Helen Newton

Blogging about all things quintessentially British and prep. www.britishprep.tumblr.com Twitter: @British_Prep

Emily Stewart

I'm an American living in Glasgow, Scotland since 1998. I use my blog, girl-eglasgow.com, as an outlet for all the spending I can't do! ! I'm inspired by the 70s, champagne, peonies and beauty.

SJ Cosh

Lifestyle, Personal Style and Beauty blog. Cardiff, Wales. Cat Lady, Paranormal Fruit, SugarSpun Sista.

Lennie Law

Making my own luck as I go. 20, in my final semester of being a student, and ready to be a yopro. http://instagram.com/lennie_law

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