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Laila Luyt

Ik ben Laila, een 20 jarige rechten studente, health gek en obsessed door mode, beauty en reizen. Ik schrijf, post en film over alles wat mij interesseert!

Hayley Roderick

A personal style and beauty blog by Hayley Roderick. dailydoseofdarling@gmail.com

Angélica Ramírez

WHAT IS THE WILD? The WILD Magazine is a quarterly publication founded on the idea that fashion, design, and style are not mutually exclusive from the sociopolitical affairs that affect our world.

Claudia Sanchez

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.

Elaine Fioravanti

Fashion Stylist, Fashion Blogger, Personal Shopper, and Wardrobe Consultant. F.I.T Alumni, Love NYC!! Best Dressed Ginger is my personal fashion and style blog.

Hannah Wilkinson

21 year old freelance writer and fashion blogger hailing from the North. Interested in sustainability and slow living.

Taylor Morgan

Writer of the Life & Style blog Little Blonde Book. Mother and Fashion lover.

Rebecca Pollard

Rebecca Pollard is the owner and blogger of CanYaHeelMe.com, one of the top women's shoe blogs in the fashion industry. She also works in marketing for Pet360, Inc.

Marieke de Jong

Here you will find the treasures I found from just anywhere. Places I've been to and cities I've lived in. Things I love and like to share with you. Hope you'll love it too!


Just a fashionista keeping it trendy. : )

Nikki Estelle

Name: Nikki Estelle ● Age: 23 ● Daughter: Jada ● Status: In a relationship ● Interest: Crafting, Blogging, Being a Mother, Gaming, Design, Fashion, College, Working, Traveling, and Cooking

Jessica Kandler

Writer, designer, traveler, eater, amateur photographer.


SirenLondon is recognised for its unique blend of vintage inspired bohemian style dresses, affordable clothing and accessories www.sirenlondon.com

Jen Mulrow

Yale alum, Wildfox intern, photo lover

Joseph Lucido

Sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill taking on a year-long fashion adventure to prove that college style is thriving! You should definitely follow my blog both on here and on blogspot!


Check out my blog at http://fashiondehoy.blogspot.com/ and don't forget to follow me back :)

Tasha M

Fashion blogger from Miami, living in Atlanta ____________ http://www.fashionforaverage.com/

Nadia Hartvigsen

fashion. writing. health. this is my escape.

Hermenia !

BE SURE TO FOLLOW MY ACTUAL BLOG :) http://astateoffreedomblog.blogspot.co.uk/ I'll do the same :) Creative forms I love in one space- that's my blog. Fashion. Fashion Illustrations. Art & Writing.

Elena Levina

Born in Siberia. Worked in Dubai & Moscow. In love with NY. Happy to welcome you in my blog www.helena-domino.com. Instagram: @blogger_helena_domino

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