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NYC Recessionista

Limited means; unlimited style.
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Steve Steckel

I fish, therefore, I am.

Lisa Coomer Queen

Follow me on twitter! @MamaQueen1980

Live Laugh Love

My name is Tara I have a family of 3. I work part-time in a nursing home and I'm a Blogger I write reviews & host giveaways. I've been blogging since 2010.

Kim Pincombe Cole

Blonde Scottish princess ♕ {strangely, true!} who loves fashion, sports, & Indy. Known to occasionally wear heels to the ballpark.

Debora Ferri



PLEASE FOLLOW / / IMSTEPHYT //'S BLOGLOVIN. Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger. instagram: _callmesteph_ Happy reading & blogging! x

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