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NYC Recessionista

Limited means; unlimited style.
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Nichole Rhodes

Nichole Rhodes www.nicholerhodes.info

Trish Flynn

Wife, mom, teaching assistant, knitter and lover of fine things!

Broke In Beverly Hills

A glamour guru who is totally broke shows you how to live a glamourous life like she does. This is for fashionistas on a budget!

Margaret Hale

Author of blog, Coat of Pink. Thespian. Feminist. Keeper of bottomless to-do lists. Lover of things I am yet to afford.

Anna Andersen

Denver-based designer/seamstress that loves dressing up, baking yummies, DIY, reading lovely books, the ocean, riding my bicycle and working on old cars.


Writer of the Budget Beauty Blog. Mom. shopaholic...beauty, shopping and fashion are my favorite things to talk about. plz follow me, I will follow back!


discovering & sharing quality experiences, unique brands and humorous moments for moms like us…who are women first and moms second.

Ladyhattan Travels

NYC based travel blog. Featuring the best of travel through the lens of a lady - from packing, styling, we put the LADY in cities across the world!


you can also follow my blog www.thedailylace.com

The Interior Frugalista

I blog about all things DIY where I share my thrifting adventures, refinishing furniture & home décor, room makeovers on a budget, and small renovations around our humble abode.


Hi, I'm Stefanie. I live in NYC and love trying new foods, DIY projects and exploring the city.

Amanda Ray

Owner of The Chambray Bunny. Please follow my blog: www.thechambraybunny.com

Brooke Wells

Brooke. 18. Midwest. Beauty and Fashion. Follow my blog Le Jeune Coeur !

Small Talk Mama

Real life is speedy and keeping up can be exhausting. So, I'm devoting this site to gathering the good stuff and sharing some quick thoughts, ideas and insights in hopes you get to spend more time actually laughing, living and believing.

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