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Dollface.de a.k.a. Dollface is Candysweet

Alegra blogs (plus-size) fashion, i.e. her outfits. Dollface.de has been featured in numerous German fashion magazines and newspapers, as well as in TV-programmes, where she presents trends or gives style advice. Candysweetness, innit?
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Susan Soltis

Hi! I'm Susan and I write the blog Dance of Destiny where I share my vision for fashion, interior design, and gardens.


Languages graduate from England - life is now about travelling, listening, reading, eating and daydreaming!

Today is

Eine gemischte Tüte aus fashion, beauty, lifstyle, home und mehr …


Be creative, get inspired! fashion-inspires.me steht für Liebe zur Mode, zum Styling und zum eigenen Körper. Mode kann mehr, als den Körper einzukleiden.


Hi! Please check out my blog for makeup routines, reviews and randomness!

Rosalind Bootle

Hey beautifuls, my name's Rosalind and I love God, fashion, beauty and life in general. Follow: beauty in his name for all things, god, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Miss Nerdy Bird

I am a 20-something year old amateur photo taker, tea-lover, fan of literature, film and food. Welcome to my wee corner of the internet, hope it makes you smile.

Claire Pedersen

Im a twenty-something size 16 girl who believes in style and confidence at every size. On my blog I share my outfits, thoughts and life in general!

Kate London-James

I like films, music, tattoos, fine foods, diet coke, scrabble, beards, the beach, morbid reads, fashion and beauty.

Gianna Fray

I'm Gianna Fray, a Student from Germany and I Love Fashion! My Blog should give you Ideas and Inspirations for your own style! Enjoy it! ♡


Please make sure to follow my blog, not just my profile! Thx :)

Aarti Olivia Dubey

plus size fashion and body positive advocate , activist and lover of animals


Rad Fat Vegan is about a fat lady that loves to cook and happens to be vegan. You will find recipes, videos and some serious fat lady awesome-ness here. Each week, I will post a few videos of me in my

Lauren Bradberry

26-year-old plus-size style blogger in South Carolina, USA.


Co-Owner of Lace Your Curves-Exclusively Plus Size Lingerie. In love with life, myself, and Lingerie!

Broke In Beverly Hills

A glamour guru who is totally broke shows you how to live a glamourous life like she does. This is for fashionistas on a budget!

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