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Dollface.de a.k.a. Dollface is Candysweet

Alegra blogs (plus-size) fashion, i.e. her outfits. Dollface.de has been featured in numerous German fashion magazines and newspapers, as well as in TV-programmes, where she presents trends or gives style advice. Candysweetness, innit?
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Maria ♡

Fashion editor at uastylishreport.blogspot.com


The best online fashion community for fashion lovers, bloggers and emerging brands

Rhea Krcmarova

Writer. Blogger. Transmedial text artist. Happen to be plus size.


Life-style blog about a bunch of little things. Fashion, makeup, photography, interior design, gluten free eating, and all my other wanderings. Basically me in a nutshell.

Hampus Myreen

Hi make sure TO Follow my blog when u come here! It´s A blog abaoute trendy things in fashion and all about my daily life!

Lauren Armstrong // Style by the Sea

Style by the Sea is a collaborative fashion project that infuses urban style with coastal luxe. Contact us here: @stylebythesea_ | info@stylebythesea.net


Fashion / Beauty / Fitness / Lifestyle

rori granger

I'm a midwestern college student. I write self-care, school tips, feminist/LGBT issues, and zines

Ambre Saravelli

hanss-vescovi.blogspot.fr hanss-vescovi.tumblr.com instagram @hanssvescovi


I'm addicted to Fashion. I have only recently become a curvier girl and the only shops I can afford to buy designer clothing in my new size is op shops and I'm lovin it.


being a mum of three, loving fashion, travel, books, design, good food

Letizia Gosselin

Letizia, belgian blogger since 2008. Beauty and fashion blog.

Fräulein Fiete

Fräulein Fiete - Hamburger Deern, Anfang 20, Studentin. Bloggt über Ernährung, Kultur, Gesellschaft, Reisen, Bildung, Nachhaltigkeit und alles, was das Leben so bereithält.

Helen Watts

Fashion, Health and Fitness.


vegan ecologist who loves watercolor and illustration

Christina Dingens

Plus Size Bloggerin, Kosmetik Junky


Languages graduate from England - life is now about travelling, listening, reading, eating and daydreaming!

Today is

Eine gemischte Tüte aus fashion, beauty, lifstyle, home und mehr …


Be creative, get inspired! fashion-inspires.me steht für Liebe zur Mode, zum Styling und zum eigenen Körper. Mode kann mehr, als den Körper einzukleiden.

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