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Dollface.de a.k.a. Dollface is Candysweet

Alegra blogs (plus-size) fashion, i.e. her outfits. Dollface.de has been featured in numerous German fashion magazines and newspapers, as well as in TV-programmes, where she presents trends or gives style advice. Candysweetness, innit?
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Oktober Kind

Hallo ihr Lieben! Als OktoberKind blogge ich über alles, was das Leben schöner macht: Kosmetik, Klamotten, DIY usw. Schaut doch mal bei mir vorbei! :-)

Anjuli Symone

I'm a half cup of vintage, a sprinkle of modern, and a whole lot of crazy.


Plus Size and Lifestyle Blogger from munich.

Sinead Campbell

Plus size blogger on a minus size budget!

Miranda Holman

Hello! I'm Miranda, a quirky, vintage loving, 30 something vegetarian, bookworm and wanna be Plus-Size Fashionista (Hey, a girl can dream right?).


You will have a chance to win free cloth or Our Affiliate Program (with which you can earn 15% commission from each sale!) For more detail,Please feel free to contact at [email protected]

Studio Untold

We are a fashionista collection in size 42-54! We do fashion inspired by stylish street styles, innovative runway collections and fashionable blogger outfits - always confident, sophisticated and up-t

Green Ribbon Plus

Plus Size Blogger based near Frankfurt, Germany. Writing about fashion and all there is to it.

Caitlin O'Reilly

Just a girl who likes to blog about books.

Claire Fisher

A blogger, You Tuber and maven of many talents

Norina Biermann

28-year-old copywriter, blogger and co-founder of www.ninosy.com


23 • Potterhead • writing about the really important things in life - like music, food & Star Wars


crazy, cozy, calm mommy of a 2 year old son, who loves playing guitar with him and can't live without petticoats


The best online fashion community for fashion lovers, bloggers and emerging brands

Rhea Krcmarova

Writer. Blogger. Transmedial text artist. Happen to be plus size.


Life-style blog about a bunch of little things. Fashion, makeup, photography, interior design, gluten free eating, and all my other wanderings. Basically me in a nutshell.


Fashion / Beauty / Fitness / Lifestyle

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