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Dollface.de a.k.a. Dollface is Candysweet

Alegra blogs (plus-size) fashion, i.e. her outfits. Dollface.de has been featured in numerous German fashion magazines and newspapers, as well as in TV-programmes, where she presents trends or gives style advice. Candysweetness, innit?
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Domenica Maria Tripodi

DOMENICA, per gli amici e web: DOMINELLA. Amo chiaccherare e scherzare per questo ogni tanto abbandono la solitudine del mio lavoro da grafica e BLOGGO! Di cosa? Delle mie passioni, blush e scarpe!

Arian Marquardt

Mother of 2 Crazy Boys. Love & Will do just about Anything 2 Earn/Receive Free Great Deals,Money, Money-Making Apps,Rewards,Sweeps,Contests,Freebies,Promos,Paid-Surveys,Etc.,Online any way possible!


Fatshion blogger at I Knew I Was Next

Oktober Kind

Hallo ihr Lieben! Als OktoberKind blogge ich über alles, was das Leben schöner macht: Kosmetik, Klamotten, DIY usw. Schaut doch mal bei mir vorbei! :-)


Plus Size and Lifestyle Blogger from munich.

Brazilia Davi Moda

Plus Size Model Motivational Speaker, fashion bloP.H.A.T stands for Pretty Hot And Thick Style, comes in all shapes & sizes but it's confidence & love for who you are that makes you fierce & fabulous.

Sinead Campbell

Plus size blogger on a minus size budget!

Miranda Holman

Hello! I'm Miranda, a quirky, vintage loving, 30 something vegetarian, bookworm and wanna be Plus-Size Fashionista (Hey, a girl can dream right?).


You will have a chance to win free cloth or Our Affiliate Program (with which you can earn 15% commission from each sale!) For more detail,Please feel free to contact at [email protected]

Studio Untold

We are a fashionista collection in size 42-54! We do fashion inspired by stylish street styles, innovative runway collections and fashionable blogger outfits - always confident, sophisticated and up-t

Green Ribbon Plus

Plus Size Blogger based near Frankfurt, Germany. Writing about fashion and all there is to it.

Caitlin O'Reilly

Just a girl who likes to blog about books.

Claire Fisher

A blogger, You Tuber and maven of many talents

Norina Biermann

28-year-old copywriter, blogger and co-founder of www.ninosy.com


writing about the really important things in life - like music, TV shows and Star Wars


crazy, cozy, calm mommy of a 2 year old son, who loves playing guitar with him and can't live without petticoats



Rhea Krcmarova

Writer. Blogger. Transmedial text artist. Happen to be plus size.


Life-style blog about a bunch of little things. Fashion, makeup, photography, interior design, gluten free eating, and all my other wanderings. Basically me in a nutshell.

Lauren Armstrong // Style by the Sea

Style by the Sea is a collaborative fashion project that infuses urban style with coastal luxe. Contact us here: @stylebythesea_ | [email protected]

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