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Daniel Burke

Hi! My name is Daniel Burke. I'm from England and living in Canada. Check out my blog for daily facts and trivia I find in my life!


A Creative's Mind. All about graphic design, typography, photography and stuff I care about.


Crocheter, hoarder of yarn and fabric, collector of bits and bobs, blogger, mum to 3 girls.

Helena Checkley

writing about my daily life and hobbies


Please make sure to follow my blog, not just my profile! Thx :)


LibriPass offer eBooks Bundle that you can read on your Pad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook or other devices.

Cassandra Di.

Sono Cassandra, studentessa di lettere moderne, grande appassionata di arte, letteratura e di fotografia ed amante di moda e designe.

Leona Lace

Please follow my blog Leopards & Laces ~~~>

Kelsey Greene

I blog about what I love: fashion, life, and food! :)

Catriona O'Sullivan

International Student based in Scotland - lifestyle / travel / art / design. Who are you calling Hipster? A guide to a life with great visuals. (I usually follow people back ;) )

Lucie Carpentier

Graphic & Digital Designer, in love with paper and interactive magazines, watercolour, handwritten fonts, and the seaside. www.luciecarpentier.com

Martyna Kozlowska

Martyna, 16 & a new blogger who blogs about everything that comes to her mind. c;

Joshua Hideki

Welcome to my Colorful Existence!!~ This is a Travel Blog covering Japan, and the rest of the World, together with bits & pieces of my personal life. Visit my Blog at: Www.ColorfulExistence.Com

Sarah Sahara

Hi, I'm a german designer living in Barcelona. I'm a passionate hobby photographer, enthusiastic traveller, love life and fashion and blogging about it all. Please follow my blog below if you like ;)


Web addict / Photo sensitive / TrendDancer

Boda 2.0

Ideas de decoración, lo último para novias e invitadas, peinados, vestidos, trajes de novio, complementos... Sea lo que sea lo que buscas para tu boda, lo encontrarás en nuestro blog.

Cristina Martinez

www.cautiouslyobsessed.com // www.cristinamartinezpaz.com

Rebecca Pollard

Rebecca Pollard is the owner and blogger of CanYaHeelMe.com, one of the top women's shoe blogs in the fashion industry. She also works in marketing for Pet360, Inc.


Student / fashion blogger. I currently live in Hertfordshire which is somewhere near London. Enjoy my log of fashion-related antics and shenanigans

Prameet Mehta

We are Jaipur based apparel and handicrafts manufacturer . this is my profile ...follow me at prameetmehta.blogspot.in www. facebook.com/prameet.b.mehta


Design, Déco, Luxe, Food, Voyage and Co

Maria Busck

Swedish girl who has moved to Copenhagen. Educated in business, marketing and communication. Loving fashion, home decor, cultural activities, socializing, events, running and my whole life

Isobel Lyons

Life live with no regrets. :)

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