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Le blog de Sushi

Freelance designer and generally fashion obsessed girl with a slight shoe addiction and two pet Pandas
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I write the blog Made of Codes, covering everything from nail art to movie premieres to ugly crying - what more could you want?!

Meg'an's fashion corner

New at blogging. Fashion designer at heart


Writer of Floating.Always blog. Also a freelance performer and performance maker. Please Remember to Follow My Blog rather than my profile to get most of the updates!

Rebel Heart

A Vintage, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

The Girl Nextdoor

The Girl Nextdoor is a blog written to inform people of beauty and fashion. All opinions are my own, and I have purchased all the items I write about. I will post - product reviews, skincare, hauls, h


Hello. I am Annie. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and baby. I like making lists, taking pictures, and shopping from my couch.

Emma Donaldson-Tonner

F A S H I O N . enthusiast .

Ines Müller

Hi everyone. My name is Ines 29, from Munich and i'm obsessed with Fashion! So dear fashionistas you can also follow me on Facebook . I always follow back https://www.facebook.com/cocolino2701?r


Live an Enviius Life. A lifestyle blog brimming with shopping guides, travel tips, life advice and all around fabulous discoveries...thanks for stopping by!

Laure Parkinson

English MA Student, cat momma, cheap wine connoisseur, and aspiring ancient astronaut theorist.

Treasures & Tailor

Fashion – Lifestyle – Art – Food – Vintage – Culture – Design

tracey ferris

Proud Canadian. Nature Lover. Border Collie Mama. Beauty Obsessed.

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