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sew, fabric, tutorial, crafts, whipup, knit, quilt.
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Shelley Leepper

Aspiring media arts artist, author, jewelry designer. Love cats, reading, fashion, cooking and someday maybe have my own blog.

julie heffernan

I love making, creating, building, buying, sewing, painting pretty things. I love anything feminine, shabby chic, vintage, beachy, antique and recycled.

Nell Timmer

Director of Marketing at Windham Fabrics

Marcie Peterson

Hi, this is my profile. Love for you to check out my blog below "I Gotta Try That"

Jackerton Batik Tenun

Batik Tenun, Batik Sutra ,Batik Katun ,Jas Formal , seragam, seragam harian, Pakaian Dinas From Jackerton®

Simply Striking

My blog is focused on simply striking ideas that are strikingly simple. Easy to execute ideas for recipes, diy, crafts, fashion, beauty, decor, entertaining, and general life hacks. :)

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife

Seamstress, Knitter, Crafter, Mod Podge, Photography, Cooking...love them all!! I am a proud HH6 (Army Wife) and Fur Baby Mama,

Pink Stitches

Having fun with fabric and sometimes I blog - yep sometimes!!


I'm a mom, cat lover, and slowly becoming a borderline hoarder. Eek! My passions are baking, crafts and diy's, sewing, photography, thrift store finds and most of all family.

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