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Vanessa Jackman

A blog about a girl, her nikon and a great big love affair
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coffee // stories // Christ // flowers // notebooks // trees // fresh sheets // breakfast // handmade gifts // sunsets // rain // blankets // truth // berries // laughter

Colleen Watson

I am a Fashion designer. I am inspired by fashion , travel and music. My dream as a designer is to be loved for my creativity and to give positive energy to everyone who wears my designs.

Kacey Yates

I love adventure... Whether it is exploring my own back yard, checking out cute coffee shops and rummaging through vintage stores, or traveling around the globe with my husband.

Beauty blog by Nela



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Zyrha del Pilar

Hey, this is Zyrha. Just Zy. From the Philippines. Studying college. And is always ready for some definite fun. Well at least make sure it's legal. Sup? :)

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