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B e a u t y c r u s h

Make-up . Hair . Everyday Ramblings =]

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20 years old Architecture student from Bucharest,Romania. I love arts, writing and creating new things. Owner at www.deinolilith.deviantart.com . Owner at http://bastards-of-beauty.blogspot.ro/ ,

Matilda Elizabeth

Hello! I'm a 21 year old English and American Literatures graduate with a love of canines and all things beauty! Where to find me: Twitter - @TildaElizabeth Instagram - @tillbill

Lauren Prenter

18 & trying this thing called blogging, which you may have heard of. Link is below, a follow would be wonderful :)

Laura Rachel

Hello, my name is Laura Rachel, otherwise known as LOL, I am a 17 year old, Beauty, Fashion and DIY blogger, who has a love for all things art and design.

Today's Favorites

Everyday Moments / Beauty / Travelling / Fashion

Emilie Rose Hayes

Hi my lovelies, New beauty and fashion blogger from England feel free to contact me at 'emilyrhayes@hotmail.co.uk' i would love to hear from you


A lover of fashion, style, beauty, and all things beautiful! humblebeauty29.blogspot.com


I am a lifestyle blogger who is also passionate about beauty&fashion. I share my own opinions and reviews about products.


Ellie and Rhian, Both with a passion for all things fashion, beauty and textiles related!

Lindsay May

LindsayMay. 23. Theatre. Friends. Beauty.

stephi lareine

Fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger from North-west England. An oddity in furs. stephilareine.com

Victoria Rose

Victoria Rose, 21, UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger. Head of Social Media & Model at LoveClothing.

Tiffany Williams

Model, lover of fashion and Style, blogger Tiffanywilliamsmodel.com

Holly Brooke

Obsessive style searching, endless list making, wanderlust strawberry shortcake. Joie de vivre, always!

Lexie Starkenburg

I'm Lexie Starkenburg, just an all american girl who loves beauty, fashion and all things! Oh did I mention I have a beauty blog? Check it out!


Beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers :) College students from Ireland :) K&J xx

Sadie Hodgett

I mainly like to blog about beauty, but that's because i've got an obsession with makeup. Occasionally the odd lifestyle post...

Chelsie Taylor

Aspiring fashion and beauty Journo. Bindi enthusiast and all round quirky object seeker .

Min Jamie Yee

Just a simple girl with simple pleasure. I have a passion for fashion and it inspires and energizes me......

Emma Louise

Newbie British #bblogger

Tessa D'haene

21, Belgium, Student hotelmanagement, Lifelover. Follow my blog!


Hi! I'm Rosie :)

Andrea Bennett

Lover of Books, Life and Pretty things

Nuria Garch

Geography, Urban Planner, Interior Designer, Web Editor, Fashion Marketing Comunication and Blogger ♥


Hello! I'm Emsy, author of emsypickle.co.uk - a London lifestyle, fashion, beauty & baking blog! Thanks for following :) @emsypickle

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