What to do when you are not getting followers and plays on Spotify anymore

Music apps like Spotify have gained a lot of prominence in the past few years. Their rapid growth is not slowing anytime soon.

Spotify is much more than fans listening to music. Spotify gives a kick start to artists' musical careers.

Having followers is very important for an artist's on so many levels. Spotify pays the artist on the number of plays and with more followers it will generate larger number of plays.

For an artist with new music coming up or even if it's not, it's still important they build a healthy number of followers who will spread their music and help the artist grow.

Tips on getting more Spotify followers or plays

1. Thinking through the interest pattern of the followers.

Trying to get through the artist's followers/listeners and cope up with their tastes and needs is very important.

Targeting the listeners and analysing to what they want to listen to next or the type of music with the highest plays, will give the artist a direction to create more music of a certain genre.

2. Using social media to its benefit.

These days the popularity one can gain through social media is immense. So using the social media platforms an artist can actually influence social networks.

Artists can link up their Spotify playlists and ask their followers to check it out. By promoting their art on social media profiles traffic will naturally flow towards the artist's Spotify profile.

3. Curating playlists to promote music.

Playlists are a great source of promotion. It is a great platform to expose artists to each others' fan bases.

Artists can pitch their music to popular playlists and later on promote that playlist.

Listeners are really into buying playlists so making a playlist by understanding the listeners or the followers' taste will surely help them gain more followers and plays.

4. Keeping up with the consistency.

Finally, consistency is key. To become a successful Spotify artist and to gain followers, artists will have to be consistent and feed people what they want.

● Regular releases and new unique concepts are often seen to be appreciated by the followers.

Keeping up with the promotion and latest releases will eventually help the artist to grow their base.

Buying Spotify Followers and plays

There are very few music streaming apps and Spotify being one of them that too with a lot of prominence in the field has gained a lot of independent artists' attention.

The base of an artist can be improved by an appropriate number of fan following. To gain more followers one can buy Spotify plays or followers.

The whole concept of buying Spotify followers is on rise.

If an artist wants to increase their listeners on Spotify it can work but they should know where to buy them.

Buying Spotify Followers and plays is often seen as a marketing tool that helps artists to promote their work. By buying followers it gives the artist's number of plays a boost and that can actually generate more monetary benefit.

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