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What are the types of visa that can make your entry to the USA?

Everyone wants to visit the USA, once in a lifetime. Everyone has a desire to visit USA. Someone go with the help of student visa, some will go as a tourist, and some will go for a business visa.

Those who want to visit the USA for fulfilling their short term business objectives, and then they must apply for short term business visa USA.

B1 & B2 visa are the type of immigrant temporary visa that is meant for those people wants to visit the USA for short terms of tourism or business. These B1 and B2 are the easiest form of visa categories which is very easy to apply. Generally, the visa is issued for a period of 6 months and it can be extended for a period of another 6 months.

While applying for a business visa, one should know that Business visa USA from Liverpool is only meant for people looking for visiting for business purposes only. People who are coming to the USA for attending conferences or who want to meet their prospective clients in the country must apply for B1 Business Visa.

On the other hand, business visa USA from Manchester as an immigrant temporary visa category is meant for people only looking to travel from the perspective of tourism. People, who are visiting their relatives or for taking any type of medical treatment comes under the category of B2 visa.

In fact, any person applying for a visa under business categories need to satisfy the consular officer on the below-given points, which includes:-

• The purpose of their visit to the US is solely temporary in nature

• The plan of the visit is very specific and should be for a limited period of time.

• One should be able to cover all the medical expenses in case there is an emergency. In fact, one needs to have mandatory travel insurance in place.

• The applicant should have to show that he has acquired a permanent residency outside the US which ensures their returns after the completion of their purpose

While applying for a business visa one should keep in mind that they are not the citizens of the nation, and if one needs an extension of the stay then he needs to apply for the same.

If you are working as an employee and got an opportunity to visit the USA on behalf of the company, then you will be given the US visa for company employee which is basically L-1 Visa.

If you are the employee of an international company which is temporarily transferring you to its parent branch, that is located in the United States then you will be required L-1 Visa. In order to qualify for an L-1 visa, you must have been employed outside the United States with that international company continuously for one year.

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