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We’ve written this guide as a comprehensive resource for you to easily get started with Bloglovin’ as a blogger, and to help you make the most of our platform.

Feel free to jump around through the different sections, and visit the Blogger FAQ for more questions and answers!

Part 1
How Bloglovin' Works for You

Engage your existing followers & tap into new audiences


Part 2
How to Grow Your Followers Faster

Follow our step-by-step guide


Part 3
Tips & Tricks

How to maximize engagement on your posts


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Part 1
How Bloglovin' Works for You

Continually Update Your Audience

Whenever you publish a new post, Bloglovin' will notify your readers instantly via email or push notification.

Gain Insight into your Readers

With the Bloglovin' blogger dashboard, see who's following your blog and track exactly which posts are popular amoung your readers.

More Followers, More Exposure

The more followers you have, the higher the chance Bloglovin' will feature your blog in our 'Popular' section.

Part 2
How to Grow Your Followers Faster

Add the Bloglovin' Widget

Having a widget is the fastest way for readers to start following your blog. When you have a widget on your blog, it's easier for your readers to access your blog profile directly on Bloglovin’. Get a widget.

Notify Your Users

Let your readers know about your Bloglovin' account.

Not only will readers be able to engage with your blog more actively, but they will be able to save posts, create collections, and follow other blogs all in one place.

A great way to encourage readers is to include a link to your Bloglovin' profile right on your blog and at the end of your posts.

Bloggers who encourage their readers to follow them on Bloglovin' at the end of every post are much more likely to gain a bigger following.

Claim Your Blog

Claim your blog to verify your blog & to get engagement analytics.

When readers land on your Bloglovin’ profile and they see that that the blog is claimed, it lets them know that they are following the right Bloglovin’ account (similar to a verified Twitter or Facebook page).

Once your blog is claimed, you will receive email updates from an analytics dashboard that notifies you about new followers and how they engage with your posts.

If you already have fans on Bloglovin’, your blog may already be registered!

To claim your blog, search for it by typing your URL into the search bar on the upper right corner of Bloglovin'. If your blog is not there, you can request to add via our support team:

Part 3
Tips & Tricks

Writing Effective Headlines

Take the time to write an engaging headline.

8 out of 10 people will read your headline. 2 out of 10 will read the rest of what you wrote.

Readers also pay the most attention to the beginning and end of your headline. This will not only increase engagement on your content on Bloglovin’, but also on other social media platforms as well.

Headline Strategies That Work

There should be a clear message to the reader——how would this article improve a reader's life in some way?

Here are some examples of effective headlines:

  • The Key to Living a Happier Life
  • 4 Ways To Wake Up With Perfect Hair
  • The Minimal Wardrobe: Developing Personal Style
  • One Simple Thing Anyone Can Do to Have a Better Day
  • 50 Books Everyone Should Read

Images Are a Big Deal

Image Placement

Visuals are hugely important and help to draw attention to your post.

Placing the image on the top right or left of your blog will also allow your post to start out with less text. Less text allows readers to quickly decide (after reading your headline) whether they want to continue reading.

Having Web Optimized Images

We recommend that bloggers keep images below 2MBs (or even smaller), so images load quickly and correctly.

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