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Make The Most Out Of A Small Bedroom

Whether you're renting a tiny apartment, living in a house share or student accommodation, or back at home with your parents, I'm guessing most of us are struggling to find enough space to fit everything in. Having lived in small bedrooms for the past few years, I thought today I'd share my best advice for how to make your room work for you and make the most out of the space available.

Use your walls wisely

With lack of floor space, this is where using your walls wisely comes in. Whether you want to build in shelves, storage, or bookcases if you're an avid reader, making the most out of the vertical space available is a good option. My best advice would be to not over do it - if all of your walls are full of shelves and belongings the room may start to feel even smaller, so be strategic and leave enough blank space.

Consider a loft bed

Not just for children and teenagers under 15 years old, a loft bed is actually a great way to open up more space in a smaller room. The only issue is finding a good one that doesn't break the bank - as I live with my boyfriend we sadly couldn't go for this as none were stable enough to support two people, but if you live alone Ikea is well worth checking out for affordable loft beds. Instead of a loft bed, we utilise under bed storage and keep any larger clothing items and excess books in organised boxes under there.

Better clothes storage

The main thing I've struggled with when it comes to making my smaller room work for me is finding the best way to store clothes. A full sized wardrobe just wasn't an option considering the limited space, so instead I store the majority of my clothes in a chest of drawers and any dresses and nice shirts and jumpers on a clothes rail. Like I mentioned in the last point, under bed storage is also super useful and I keep any large jumpers or seasonal pieces I won't be needing for a few months in boxes under the bed.

Keep things clutter free

When your room is on the smaller side, any excess clutter or mess will feel extra invasive than it would in a room with more space. If you keep things clutter free, and have a home and space for everything so that nothing starts to pile on top of each other, hopefully your room won't start to induce cabin fever. Little things like cleaning out your bin regularly, hoovering on a weekly basis, and not encouraging a floor-drobe really helps to keep your room in good condition.

Prioritise what matters

If you find yourself with a bedroom not as big as you would like it to be, my best advice is to prioritise the most important features you will need in your room and then build it around that. For me, my room also doubles up as my office so my desk and workspace have to take priority - whatever is most important to you, prioritise that and find a way to make your room work for you.

Is your room on the small side? How do you make the most out of it?

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