Free Chochet Pattern for Joie Elida Overlay Dress

Hello darlings and welcome to anew blog post and a new pattern.
As summer events go …it’s all about the right dress.
I can say for myself that I am sporty chic with a strong hint of boho …kind of a gal :)
However when it comes to something stylish to wear at a wedding, a christening, an afternoon birthday party …or something comfortable enough to wear during hot summer days …crochet dresses it’s all I have in mind.
So since the post of this particular dress had quite an effect on our Facebook page and because the pattern was requested, here it is the pattern for the Joie Elida Crochet Overlay dress sold by Neiman Marcus.
Courtesy of here is the chart based pattern:

Important instructions:

1. Yarn, cotton, medium, mercerized or worsted. 2, 5 -3 mm hook. 2. Crochet 1 square. Measure it. 3. Measure yourself. Divide your measurements for the front and back to the square measurement to get the required number of squares.

Square Chart: 1. Ch 5, sl st, turn 2. Ch5, *1dc ch2*…repeat ( 8dc ), sl st, turn 3. Ch1,1 sc in each ch 4. Ch3, 1dc in the same ch, ch2 sk1 1sc, ch2 sk 1, *2dc in the same ch(V stitch) ch2 sk1 1sc, ch2 sk 1* …repeat ** , sl st turn 5. Ch1, ch8, 1sc on top of the next V stitch, repeat …( 8 x 8 ch clusters), sl st turn 6. Ch3, *8 dc on top of the ch cluster, 1dc* , repeat ** … sl st turn 7. Sl st to the 3rd dc ( from the first group of 8), ch8, 1tr ch8 1tr ( first corner), *ch8 1sc,ch8,1sc, ch8, ch8, 1tr ch8 1tr ( second corner)*…repeat ** to shape the other 2 corners. 8. Ch1 , work 6 dc in the clusters between the corners, and 11dc in the 4 ch clusters from the corners. Sl st to close And you are done.
The red lines indicate where the squares are joined together.
Shaping the arm opening. The original design uses 4 halves of square for the back , and 2 halves for the front.
Straps and edge: The straps and the edge are worked continuously.

Edge: 1. 1sc in each ch 2. Ch1,sk2, 6dc in the same ch,sk 2, 1sc …repeat . In case of the neck opening , work the straps continuously. Straps at neck opening: 3. Chain the required length ( multiple of 5) 4. 1sc in each ch 5. Ch1,sk2, 6dc in the same ch,sk 2, 1sc …

Repeat the same style when working the arm opening edge. Here you will work continuously repeating the straps steps on the opposite side of the already made straps ( 2 opposite rows of shells – as shown in the picture)
I recommend using a very soft fabric ( gauze) for the undergarment. The dress can be made short, knee length or you can make it a tunic.
Keep in mind that this dress is a lot simpler than it looks and it can easily be fitted to a slim or a full figure.
Have fun making it and go be a sexy diva to the summer party of your choice.
I hope you like the idea and start making your own today.
Please share this post far and wide so as many crochet fans as possible would benefit from the post.
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have an amazing July weekend

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