sarah m. dorsey designs · Jun 18, 2013

Ikea Rast Dresser Hack | Fabric Wrapped with Custom Ring Pulls and Acrylic Casters

Over the weekend we finally finished our fabric wrapped Ikea Rast dresser!

These dressers are such an amazing price, only $35! The wood and building materials to make this yourself would be more, so buying is definitely worth it! While Rast hacks are nothing new, I couldn't help putting my own spin on it! Here are a few of my favorite fabric wrapped pieces, Centsational Girl, Hello Boudreau, and Recently.
I basically followed Martha Stewart's instructions to cover a table top with linen, here's how we did it!

First I used heavy starch to make the fabric stiff; however, it didn't work very well with this fabric, mine got much stiffer when I used a linen in my fabric wrapped parson's table. So a linen might work best for getting the fabric really stiff, though this worked fine too once it was ironed on to the wood.
I placed the Rast dresser pieces on top of the fabric, a drapery panel from Target, and cut it out with enough to wrap around to the back. (Make sure to be mindful of the pattern direction, I had to redo one drawer front ...) I brushed water based polyurethane (satin finish) and then ironed. I also placed a piece of white paper on top to protect the iron from the poly (use your craft iron, you will probably still get some on your iron ... like me :)
We ended up wrapping the pieces individually, which meant the sides the top needed to be attached first with the fabric between the top and side since the screw holes are exposed and then insert the screws, and then apply poly and iron. It would be quicker to assemble the entire outside and then wrap that verse the individual pieces, so also consider doing it that way. I don't think that it would of looked very different, but would save time :)
I decided to line the inside of the drawers with extra white fabric and trim that I had, I think it gives a more polished finish!
To seal it, I applied a few layers of poly and then a layer of Briwax clear wax on the outside of the fabric to seal and protect it, like Martha Stewart's tutorial suggested.
Before assembling the dresser, David drilled new holes to make the plate below the drawers flush instead of inset. We installed supports for casters out of extra 2x2s and followed the instructions to install the casters. We found brass and clear plastic casters from Ace Hardware, love them!! I then applied silver rub n buff to match the ring pulls.
I made my DIY ring pulls out of a cotter pin, inset washer, and 1" ring. The silver cotter pin was harder to open than the brass so I used pliers to open them instead of by hand. The cotter pin is inserted through the hole and then bent back on the inside of the drawer. (prior to applying the poly, I cut through the fabric at the existing hole with an xacto knife on both sides. I started on the back, where I could see the hole and the stuck the cotter pin through to find the other side, and then cut the front with the xacto knife) These ended up being only .96 each!! Such a good price!

How great are these clear casters? I really loved the brass with the clear, but silver works best with the fabric so I applied a little silver rub n buff.
The flowers are from a friend's wedding this past weekend, love hydrangeas!

and I borrowed the acrylic tray from the driftwood herringbone table.

Cost Breakdown:
Rast Dresser: $35 (Ikea) Fabric: $25 (Target) Ring Pulls: $6 (Parts from Ace Hardware) Casters: $9 (Ace Hardware)
Total $75
Not the cheapest diy, but for unique fabric and custom hardware, I'll take it!
Have you tried a Rast dresser hack or fabric wrapped furniture project yet? I'm officially obsessed and can't wait to do more!!
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