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tashadelrae.com · Jun 18, 2014

Knit Tie Around Crop Top DIY

This latest DIY project was inspired by this workout bra, I absolutely loved how it wrapped and tied around the waist. This project can be used as just a crop top, or if you make it out of "workout fabric" (polyester/spandex or nylon/spandex) it can be a workout top, or if you make it out of "swimsuit fabric" (nylon/spandex) it can be made as a bikini top! So many options :) I'm thinking I'd like to make it into a bikini top by making the top a bit lower cut, and the straps more narrow using this Metallic Bathing-suit Fabric
These alterations can easily be done as you follow along this tutorial!

Materials and Supplies
-Knit Fabric
(knit lining
fabric optional)
-Thread to Match
-Sewing Machine
-Fabric Scissors

-Measuring Tape/Ruler
(optional, width depends on strap width)

*Use a slight zig-zag stitch or other knit stitch for best sewing results*

1. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric (that will look like a triangle with the top cut off) so that the top width is slightly smaller than the width you want the top of your shirt to measure, the bottom width needs to be at least 4" wider than the measurement across the front of your ribcage. The depth will be how long you want the shirt to measure (just remember you will be adding on a band at the bottom). Make sure you cut this out so that the stretchiest direction of your fabric will go around your body.
Because I made my top white I also added a lining piece out of a nude fabric, so I cut out two white pieces and one nude. I highly recommend adding this extra layer of fabric if you are making the top as a workout top or bikini, it will give you extra support.
2. Sew the top of the two pieces (or three) so that the pretty sides of your fabric face each other (the lining piece can go on as the top piece of the "sandwich".
3. Turn the fabric over so that the top seam is sandwiched inside the two pieces.
4. Cut out the fabric for your straps so that the stretchiest part of the fabric is the long part of the straps. For the strap around your neck roughly measure on your body from where you think the top will sit at the bottom (under your armpits), up and around your neck, and back down to the other armpit. You want to cut out the strap a few inches smaller than that measurement.
You will want the other strap to measure long enough to wrap your body twice and still have enough length to tie in a bow. I made mine so that I cut two widths of my 60" wide fabric, then at the end I adjusted the length a bit.
I cut my straps out 3.5" wide, so when they folded in half they measured 1.75" wide.
5. Sew both straps into tubes by folding them in half with the right sides of the fabric on the inside. Sew along the edge, and then turn the straps right side out. For the long body strap you will most likely have to sew two widths of fabric together first.
6. Pin the neck strap on top of the side edges of the shirt (overlapping about half an inch) so that you have to stretch the strap a few inches to fit onto both sides (see picture below).
7. Sew the straps onto the shirt by stitching very close to the edge of the strap.
If you want to make the top so that you tie the straps around the neck you can just make two straps that you sew on the same way, just make sure that both straps are long enough to tie in a bow.
8. Pin the large strap on to the bottom of the shirt (overlapping about half an inch again) make sure that the straps extending on each side are the same length. Here you also want to stretch the strap to fit onto the bottom of the shirt. The larger your chest, the more you want to stretch it to fit.
If you are using this for a workout top, you might want to add some elastic into the strap on the section below the shirt.
9. Sew the bottom strap onto the shirt by stitching very close to the edge of the strap.
10. Try on your top and determine how long you want the straps to be, cut off any excess strap fabric, turn in the end a bit and sew the strap end shut.
All Done!

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