iPhone Mockup Reveals iPhone 12

iPhone 12 is expected to have flat sides and smaller dimensions. This is the new revelation of the circulating iPhone mockups at present. People are expected to craze again this year as this upcoming iPhone series is going to be made available on the market. This is a new version that is worth the wait.

Checking an iPhone mockup is important to know what to expect from Apple Company. There are 3D prints that show off how the forthcoming Apple series will look like. Some familiar design features are incorporated but there are more features expected to enhance the catchy elements of the iPhone.

iPhone Mockup Always Wins

Every time there is a new iPhone on the market, people always love it. Why? The company knows how to capture the heart of its loyal customers worldwide. A PSD mockup can show how great the upcoming iPhone 12 will give benefits and enjoyment to the users.

On the web today, there are videos and images that have popped up about iPhone 12 mockups. The relative sizes are compared and the three models are given emphasis. These three models are the iPhone 11, Pro version, and large Pro Max.

There are supposed details that explain the mockups having a flat design of an awesome iPhone. There is a 3D print mockup that emphasizes the specifics of the iPhone 12/5.3 and iPhone 12/5.9. Then these sizes are compared with the recently launched iPhone 11 as well as the much upgraded iPhone 11 Pro version.

The Uniqueness and Similarities Revealed

The shown mockups have revealed a flatter side of iPhone 12 than the present iPhones that the loyal users are using. However, there is a prediction that the newest iPhone to be made available on the market soon will supposedly resemble the old version – the iPhone 4. This prediction is in terms of the physical chassis. The derived information from an independent source has been circulating on the Internet and it has captured the attention of Apple enthusiasts.

Furthermore, there are rumors saying that the forthcoming iPhone 12 will appear taller and but slimmer than the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. This expected size feature has opened the analytical skills of some experts as to how this new iPhone will impact the users’ needs. If it is taller, why is it so? If it is slimmer, how it works differently from its preceding version?

Another expectation is that Apple Company will produce an iPhone with these sizes of the screens:


➧ 6.1-inch

➧ 6.7-inch

Some great options are for the benefits of the users. Of course, every screen size predicted has distinctive characteristics. There are reasons attached to this prediction.

A photorealistic iPhone mockup in 3D print has a measured screen size that resembles the 12/5.3-inch model. More to say, the rumored iPhone 12 can possibly have a 5.4-inch size. If it is true, then it is expected to exceed the size presented in the 3D print mockup. But it may fit the corner if the size of the screen is up to the housing edge.

In terms of height, the circulated iPhone clay mockup has a 5.3-inch screen and stands 131mm. The recent iPhone 11 Pro stands 144mm. The width presented in the stationery mockup is 64mm for the iPhone 12 while iPhone 11 Pro has a width of 71.4mm.

The screen size has these dimensions. iPhone 11 Pro has a 144mm screen while iPhone 12 has 146mm in comparison. The other features such as speaker holes and microphones also manifest some distinctive characteristics. The details are not clear yet whether or not the forthcoming version is the same as the preceding iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro.

However, there is a prediction that on the left side, the number of holes constitutes the following:

➧ Two for iPhone 12/5.3-inch

➧ Three for iPhone 12/5.9-inch

➧ Four for iPhone 12 Pro/6.4 inch

With all these features, the next Apple series is expected to become a big hit again. The excitement has been overflowing now. Ramotion blog has mockup Apple products that designers and end-users can use.

Understanding the Value of Apple Mockup

The revealed expectations of the new mockup excite loyal users. The designers from all over the world also have their share of the pie. They have different interpretations as to the finality of the decision of Apple brand regarding this new version to come out.

Because of the latest circulation of such news about the iPhone 12 version, understanding the essence of the mockup is quite important. Why? It is through this way that every company is shaped in getting the opinion of others before coming up with a final tech product model. Clearly, a mockup is neither a wireframe nor a prototype. But it plays a vital role in every design aspect.

Discussing briefly this aspect can provide justification as to the significant value of wireframes and prototypes as part of the ladderized process. Wireframes, on the one hand, are a low-fidelity blueprint. The usual representation of this model consists of placeholders and gray boxes. The wireframes are said to be a placeholder for structure. The structure is presented to the stakeholders for comments before finality is going to come out.

On the other hand, prototypes will showcase how every product design actually works. Their corresponding functions are even more complex than the former. They are important because they help the designers in the aspects of refining users’ usability, exploring possible interactive combinations, and revealing any possible inconsistencies that may affect the expected users’ experience.

Why understand wireframes, prototypes, and mockups? All of them are important. The new iPhone 12 can’t come out if there are no wireframes, prototypes, and mockups that the Apple designers are taking into account. Mockup-wise, whether it’s a free PSD format or a paid PSD file, every tech product follows the process in a designing ladder.

By checking some related details that are coming from UX designers, one can find why UX designers need mockups. Don’t be confused with the terms wireframes, prototypes, and mockups. In the design world, all of these three play interconnected roles. However, there are designers preferring mockups as their best way to visualize a product design. When a product design is visualized then a sound decision that impacts the business growth will come out.

Back to the news about the approaching release of the new iPhone version, it is expected to become a sure hit. The Apple loyalists are expected to embrace this new model as the time of its coming unfolds. Every time there is a new Apple product on the market, people are amazed. This is how the Apple brand shapes the consumers’ culture all over the world.

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