UI/UX Agencies: How to Do UI/UX Testing

It is said that UI/UX testing is not mandatory but it is advised by experts. Doing it can help businesses grow dramatically. That is why most digital marketers these days are making sure that they test the UI and UX models. So if you have an app development project, it is important that you conduct a series of tests.

UI/UX Agencies Test Product Usability First

The convenience of product usage is the main goal of why it is significant to conduct usability testing. If you have an application, it is quite necessary that you provide convenience to the users of the app. Otherwise, people wouldn’t appreciate it and would eventually reject it when it is launched. Therefore, it is imperative that you invite people to come to your office to check the details of the UI and UX aspects.

You are advised to hire a design agency. One of the available agencies today is Ramotion. This company has skilled workers to conduct the entire procedure. Testing the usability factor is not that easy but with the help of a user experience agency, the relevant questions and tasks can easily be supervised.

Reasons Why Doing Usability Testing Is Important

In the above context, usability testing is given emphasis as it is to provide convenience to the app or website users. Furthermore, the created prototypes can reduce the expenses for programming and designing. The determination of future app problems is one of the essentials of why it is vital that the product is going to be tested. Determining any issues as early as possible is quite important. You have to be mindful that if the problems are early detected then addressing them can be more efficient.

By getting the perception from other people, you will be able to grasp a certain level of convenience and usability. It is an effective way to understand the menu sections of your website, for instance. Thus, you should have a UX team to conduct user research.

Things You Need When You Test UI and UX

Do you believe now that you have to find a design agency with superb UI and UX skills? If so then it’s about time for you to learn the aspects you badly need when testing UX and UI.

The first thing you need to secure is a prototype. A prototype is a model that is used when producing a particular digital product. Coming up with a prototype model is easy when you have such a reality-based experience. It means to say that the final design should almost be the same as the prototype.

You need a prototype because it is through it where you will be able to test out initially the usability of the application or website. A user experience design should be the main basis when producing such a prototype. The testing process can be productive and effective when it is done.

Provide a mobile device when you test the product. What is your preferred product? Is it an app? A website? Or both? Using a mobile device when testing the digital product is advised. In this way, you will be able to eliminate operational delays. You will also be able to determine how the digital product works using the device. Take note that most users of apps or websites are using mobile devices. So the user experience should be based on it.

Apple a “task scenario” method. You should be able to perform a task-scenario method. What is it? It is a way of gauging the extent of the app’s or website’s functions. You can ask some respondents to answer some questions that are related to the app’s functionalities and usability.

Get enough number of respondents. These are the people whom you’re targeted as direct users of your website or app. You can then ask them about their opinion with the information architecture that is found in the digital product. To make sure that this process is going to be conducted rightly, you have to seek the help of a tested design agency.

How to Test Both UI and UX?

There are a number of ways on how you can test the UI and UX models.

Start the process by finding and inviting some guests that serve as your respondents.

A group of people with the unbiased opinion is the first thing you have to find. Ask them if they can allot a time to answer some of your questions. They represent your respective audience. You can have them by way of social media announcements. When interviewing them you can use some virtual tools like a Google Survey form.

The next thing to do is to conduct a selection process.

If you already have a list of prospective audience to participate in your Q and A activity with the expectation that you can have unbiased opinion and answers, you have to invite them for an actual participation. You can assign your HR department as the moderator of the activity. It is the selection process that really matters in this regard. And don’t invite people to participate if they are tough to be communicated with.

Prepare everything you need before the personal interview with the target audience.

A scenario refers to the physical and communicable aspects that are part of the testing process. You have to establish it. Otherwise, the purpose of getting unbiased results can hardly be achieved. Brainstorming with your trusted workers is essential and can help you a lot in relation to this step.

Organizing the workplace is essential and very crucial.

Physical space of course is very important. This is where you house the respondents for direct interviewing. Make sure that the respondents can feel comfort while the activity is conducted. Then don’t forget to serve them with coffee, tea and/or water. And you need to secure some add-ons such as video and audio recorder so that the data gathered can be well-documented.

Everything is ready: Test now!

Since everything is set, it is time for you to start the testing process. Again, you can assign the HR department to serve as the moderator. But is it not necessary that the moderator should always be the HR of your company. You can assign anybody so long as they can perform the tasks properly.

It is important to keep in mind that the assigned moderator should not assess and evaluate the results subjectively. The evaluation should be done neutrally and relatively. Commenting on the respondents’ behavior and attitude during the testing process is not advised. The successful design firms know the importance of this aspect. But if there are off-topic opinionated comments from the audience, then the moderator can humbly request the respondent to refrain from doing so.

Summary: Questions You Might Ask

You have to remember these possible questions that you have to ask.

1. Is there any confusion about the product on how to use it?

2. Is there any distraction when using the product?

3. Are the features all useful and important?

4. Can you easily find what you really need?

5. Is using the product daily a possible scenario?

6. Is the product recommendable to your friends?

7. Are you able to describe the digital product to your friends?

Testing the UI and UX aspects of a certain digital product is therefore a necessity. With this process, you will be able to know if you’ll be launching a successful app and/or website. Meanwhile, there are some handy tips for UI and UX designers here.

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