How to increase your productivity?

We all have experienced events in our life where we asked ourselves "Why there are only 24 hours in a day"? We all have fallen into the circumstances in our life where we needed to increase our productivity level. Increasing your productivity means completing more tasks within the limited time, and it helps not only in the field of work, but merely every aspect of our life, except the emotional ones. Being more productive isn't as hard as rocket science, however, you need to take actions to accomplish the level of productivity in which you can get ahead of your competitors. This article lists down 5 simple steps needed to follow to increase your productivity level in work.

1. Have a To-Do list diary.

To-do list is the great way to track down your progress and complete your goals as per your daily schedule. Creating a to-do list daily and writing down what you need to accomplish each day gives you an extra push of motivation in accomplishing your daily goals. It also helps maintaining your productivity level and takes you closer to your goals, giving you proper directions to achieve something. It is very helpful for students planning to study for longer hours, employees and office people to finish their daily tasks.

2. Exercise daily

Exercising becomes an important factor when you want to increase your productivity and maximize your output. Exercising not only helps in your overall health, but also makes you more faster. A thing to observe is that when you come from exercise and sit down to complete your work, you will find you are actually doing more faster than before. Exercising increases your abilities to complete the work faster and efficient. So, exercise daily to maintain your high output level.

3. Increase your work time

Good times fly fast. That is why when you take break from your work, it tends to over so quickly, that's why a want come from us to extend that break. Now, if you got stuck in life why your work progress is not what is required, and you can't figure out where you lost your day, you might need to cut off yourself from self and outside distractions.

A good way to monitor yourself is to create a daily checkbook of your day where you write down everything you have done in the day, and figure out where you spent your large amount of time . This will make you aware of what exactly you need to do to and what not to do to increase your work time and become more productive.

4.Personalize and add elements in your workplace

It might seem something not tried before for some people, but adding elements like plant photos and motivational quotes to your study room or office space can actually increase your productivity level up-to 15 %, according to a scientific experiment. Also, consider making your workplace in home or any other place peaceful, and different from the room which your mind has associated with fun. That is why most successful people have different study or work rooms in their homes. It's all mind associative.

5.Take scheduled breaks

Taking scheduled small breaks from work is considered to be a good habit. It helps to recollect your concentration abilities and helps to relieve work stress. You can also apply 45:15 rule, that is working for 45 minutes and taking a break for 15 minutes to recollect your abilities. It helps in working for longer periods of time.

6. Create deadlines

Creating self-imposed achievable deadlines could give you some sort of stress, but that's a good manageable stress as it makes you complete the work in time imposed. It helps a lot in increasing your productivity level. It is also one of the habits of most successful entrepreneurs and people at high positions.

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