The best 4 personalized gifting ideas for kids

Do you love kids? Who would not for kids are adorable, right! However, when it comes to being a parent, its not a cakewalk. The job of being a parent is a never-ending one. Becoming a parent is not just about giving birth to kids but also about educating them, fending for them, nurturing them and looking after their needs. Often kids in their tender age prove to be mischievous, and their mischiefs are sure to give the parents a headache. Its seen that parents and kids are on war due to the mischiefs, and the best way to make peace is by giving them gifts. Just like their elder counterparts, kids love gifts and surprises. When you shower them with surprise, their eyes glow with happiness, and they tend to forget other things.

Gifting a child with surprises is also a way of showering them with love and showcasing them that they are cared for. Not just on occasions such as birthdays and festivals, rather the kids expect to get gifts from their parents, elders often. The gifts are the best way to pamper your child. Why wait for their birthday or Christmas when you can gift them with presents now and then. We know that kids are fussy, and when it comes to expressing their desirous gifts, they can be real picky. On one day, they might want an airplane while the next day would want a ship, such as the kids' saga.

However, when you plan to gift your child with something, choose one that would not just be their play toy rather would also educate them and have long term purpose. If you're confused about your selection of the gifts, then this post is meant for you. Here is a compiled list of the best-personalized gifting ideas for kids that you can consider opting for.

1. Personalized bobbleheads by

Why gift your kid with some one-time usage stuff when you can gift them something like a personalized bobblehead that would serve as a keepsake. The personalized bobbleheads by not just look like miniature dolls but are also very accommodating and can be seated in their room, on their study table and play area. The customized bobbleheads would trigger their fantasy and also make them laugh. The bobbleheads made by are reflections of perfection and are created by a team of professional creators at the company. For long, the company has perfected the art of manufacturing of bobbleheads in a plethora of hues, designs, postures, and patterns. They are also reachable on their custom bobblehead facebook page

2. Puzzle book Kids love to solve puzzles and mysteries. Let your kid bring out their thinking hat as you gift them with a personalized kids puzzle book. The puzzle book would incorporate their favorite puzzles. Get yourself some peace as you watch your child get engrossed in solving the puzzles. The puzzle book serves as an ideal gift for both girls and boys. Also, the book can be customized according to their age and interest.

3. Piggie bank One must teach the kids good habits since the start. Make your kid understand the value of money and saving since getting them a personalized piggy bank. Getting your child a piggy bank would make them learn to earn money for themselves. To enhance the piggy bank's beauty, you can get your child's name emblazoned on it along with their picture in their favorite hue and design. You can also opt for a piggy bank with a rubber stopper, which would help eradicate the need to break it when it's full.

4. Personalized toy storage box Have you ever hurt your foot with the toys of the kids that lay scattered on the floor? Have you grown tired of over time rearranging the toys? Solve your problem by gifting your child with a personalized storage box. The customized storage ox would teach the child the meaning of cleanliness. The storage box would help in-built in your child the ability to organize things. The storage box would also save on more space in the room that the kids can use for other activities.

So these are a few personalized gifts for kids. Did we inspire you with these ideas? Which idea inspired you the most? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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