Four Simple Natural Skin Care Tips You Should Know!

Can you believe if somebody says natural skin care is more effective than cosmetics and artificial products? I bet, most of the women will not even believe what they’ve just read. But yes, it’s a fact. What did the historical women use to do to beautify their skin? To enlist, we have several descriptions of Noor Jahan, Mumtaz, Padmavati or even Mastani. In old times, natural products were the only available resources to glorify and purify the skin. As industrialisation took place, artificial products were introduced just for the sake of making profits. Not just women, but the men can also think of natural skin care over the artificial one. In this article, four simple natural skin care tips are enlisted, which will definitely let you think of not applying hazardous chemicals to the soft skin.

Shine Your Hair with Egg and Banana

Shiny hair is the desire for most of us. Due to several causes such as pollution, the carbon in the air, dust, heavy winds, etc., hair gets dry, which sometimes looks weird. To get rid of this dryness, you have a simple option. Mix a mashed banana with one egg, make a thick paste, and apply it to your head for up to 30 minutes. Wash your head properly, and here you are! You will find the hear shining for a long period.

Glow Your Face with Raw Honey

Since long ago, raw honey is being used as an anti-bacterial solution along with the way of getting the skin super soft and beautiful. Make sure that you take raw honey which is not processed. You can collect it from honeycomb directly. Get one tablespoon of such raw honey on your palms and rub gently to your face. After 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water. You will find a natural glow on your face.

Natural Shampoo

The chemicals that usually found in shampoo are hazardous to hair. But the attractive and appealing commercials don’t let us run away from such fraudulent advertisements. Here, you can actually use some natural ingredients. Use 3-4 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (organic) with a cup of water and wash your hair with the mixture. You will get more than what you were expecting from those artificial shampoos.

Softer Body Skin with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

Body scrub with plastic or other dry brushes may damage your skin. However, it becomes necessary to remove dead skin in order to make it fair. Get some sea salt and add precisely the double amount of olive oil to it. Mix it perfectly and use it as a body scrub. As a result, you will find that dead tissues are gone and what remains is the soft glowing skin.

Always understand and remember, artificial products may give some temporary results, but it may cause skin problems. Instead, if you follow abovementioned, and such natural skin care tips, you will never find it hazardous in any case, until and unless you have an allergy to that specific ingredient.

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