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Sensible Reasons to Go Vegan, according to Science

Have you ever asked yourself or anyone else, Why to Go Vegan? Once you do, have you encountered a reasoning of what’s the sense or reason to go Vegan!

If yes! then here are few science approved sensible reasons to why you and everyone around you must go vegan:

Vegan Food Helps you in Losing Kilos

To lose weight, we all go crazy hazy for all types of diets. But, this time, when you feel your belt getting tightened from the belly and your diet season comes on the horizon, try opting vegan food products. You must ask why? Let me present a reason to you with scientific support to it.

A study conducted in 2015 shows that people who follow a vegan diet tend to lose more kilos when compared to the ones who follow an omnivorous and vegetarian diet. So, isn’t that good news! If you’re a chicken lover, then don’t worry, there are chicken alternatives (which are as juicy as original meat) available in the market that can be included in your vegan diet.

Helps you do your bit for Environment

As per a research conducted by Oxford in 2016, the adoption of meat alternatives globally might cut food-related emissions by 70pc. You must also know that raising cattle for animal-based goods demand far more land, water, and energy than producing cereals. As per the study, 27kg of CO2 is generated per kilo beef in comparison to 0.9kg per kilo of lentils.

Now, this is some serious scientific reason to go vegan. Isn’t it!

Higher Life Expectancy

An Oxford study argues that if vegan food products are adopted on a mass basis than it could cut 8.1 million deaths a year. According to the research, plant-based diets are undoubtedly a feasible option to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, and arthritis. Not to forget, the vegan diet potentially might help to prevent obesity too, which affects everyone out of six-person in the UK.

Yet again, plants prove their worth by being a major reason behind bettering human lives.

Vegetables are great for you

I know! This can be one of the lamest reasons we are listing, but trust us, it’s TRUE. Don’t you remember your teachers and parents asking you to prefer consuming green vegetables, as they’re highly rich in all sorts of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibres? So, what’s better than following a vegan diet and consuming the good stuff that your parents always told you to consume.


Veganism is all over the news, therefore, it’s essential for you to be aware of the level-headed reasons of why you or others must choose chicken alternatives or vegan food products. We hope this post might help you get some of those SENSIBLE reasons…#GoVegan :)

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