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Benefits of Using Mezzanine Floors in Your Warehouse

Mezzanine floors are highly adaptable, simple, could be used for many things and could easily be customized based on the floor plan of your warehouse. Additionally, the cost is much cheaper compared to the alternative which is expanding your warehouse or relocating to new facilities. In this blog, we are going to talk about how your warehouse could benefit from a mezzanine installation.

1. Additional Storage Space

One of the most common reasons for building a mezzanine floor in a warehouse is to have extra floor space to store things. Compared to alternative options, a mezzanine floor is highly-efficient and cost-effective.

If the mezzanine structure is carefully planned and properly constructed by mezzanine floor builders, then you do not have to worry if the structure gonna hold up the weight. This is because here at Mezzanine Floor Sydney, the mezzanine floors are made with steel and designed by engineers. Building a mezzanine floor in your warehouse could add up to 50% of extra flooring for storage allowing you to save the cost of expanding your building.

2. Office Space

Oftentimes, office space is considered to be ‘administrative’ which is why it is often overlooked and not always in the top priority when expanding your warehouse.

However, mezzanine floorings are so versatile and cheap that it could be designed into a proper office with air conditioning, lights, windows, and doors. Additionally, by having structural mezzanine floors, all of your administrative business could be conducted on the second floor whilst your production and warehouse activities could on the first floor.

3. Canteen or Rest Area

If your office lacks any staff seating areas or you are looking to expand your facilities within the same building, then look no further than mezzanine floorings. The fact that you could create a second-floor level to your office enables you to create a staff rest area for your employees to chill and relax. Additionally, mezzanine floorings could also be turned into a kitchen, eating area to even showers if required.

4. Production Space

When a business starts to grow, mezzanine floors are often used, especially in the manufacturing sector. A mezzanine floor is a perfect solution to overcome the challenge of making more room (without adding big expenses and disturbing business activities when moving to new space). Additionally, the floorings can be easily moved, therefore, if your office decides to move to a new place, you could still bring the mezzanine floors with you.

To double the floor-space in your warehouse, call Mezzanine Floor Sydney at (02) 9186 3318 or get in touch online!

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