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Door Locks Problem You Should not Ignore

Most homeowners would tell you that door locks issues tend to creep up from time to time, and it is something that homeowners just have to deal with. It is the way you treat the issues that will determine how it will affect your home security. sadly, there are few door-locks issues that you just could not afford to ignore. This is because the issues tend to grow into a bigger headache if it’s not addressed quickly and most homeowners do not call a locksmith until it is too late.

Loose Door Locks, Handles or Knobs

The locks on your door are made up of moving parts, thus it goes without saying that there are many different pieces that are holding it together. Each component is essential to ensure that the lock works properly. When one or more components start to malfunction, the door lock will not work correctly. So how do they become malfunction? Well, the answer is straightforward. Most of the components in the lock will loosen up with time and usage.

Loose door locks may not sound like a serious issue. However, many homeowners have experienced house lockout because they were unable to open the door with a loose door lock.

Identifying door lock issues are not very hard. If you notice that there is something odd with your lock whilst using it, it is usually the screws that hold the various component together are starting to loosen over a period of time or it may be worn out. However, if this issue is ignored, then it would be very easy for someone to break into your home.

Misaligned Locks

Another common door lock problem that you should not ignore is misaligned door locks. This is when the latch or locking bolt does not line up with the strike plate. A strike plate is a metal plate that is placed on your door frame to catch the locking bolt or locking latch. Oftentimes this is because the door locks were not installed properly, or the door frame is bend due to climate changes. Misaligned door locks are very easy to identify if you have trouble operating the door then you may have misaligned door lock.

If you choose to ignore this issue, it may get worse. When your lock is misaligned, you may put unnecessary pressure every time you lock your door. Over time, you could damage your lock bolt/latch and you may end up with broken door locks or even broken doors. A broken door will only increase your cost and lower your home safety.

Jammed Door Locks

A jammed door locks could be caused by multiple factors. One common reason is that there is a buildup of dust or debris that clogged the internal lock. Another common cause is when the lock latch or bolt is broken, resulting in a jammed door lock.

If your door is jammed due to a buildup of debris and dust, you should immediately fix it as it could lead to more issues such as breaking a key in a lock. Additionally, a broken lock bolt may be a symptom of an attempted break-in. If you notice this issue, do not wait and call your local locksmith in Canterbury Bankstown because the consequences may be more serious than you think.

If you wanna learn more about door locks or you have any key-related emergency do not hesitate to contact All Time Locksmith - Canterbury Bankstown we provide 24/7 services

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