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What to do when a pipe bursts and how to prevent it

Most people living in the modern world do not think of life without the presence in the house of properly working water pipes of cold, hot water and heating. However, from time to time and in the work of these systems there are malfunctions leading to a partial or complete failure; One of the most frequent problems is pipeline bursts. What to do if a pipe burst in the apartment, where to call and what urgent measures can be taken, will be described below.

Where to call if the pipe burst

When a product is broken through, calls should be made to different institutions, depending on the circumstances:

When the pipe in the apartment broke through very seriously, and there is not enough time for self-repair — either qualifications or repair materials — you need to urgently call emergency plumbers. The best way out is when someone from the household makes a phone call, while the others at this time, as they can, try to fix the problem or reduce its scale.

When water is poured out under powerful pressure, in any case it is necessary to shut off the water. In addition, it should be realized that when a pipe with hot water burst, it is extremely likely to get burned, therefore, it is impossible to approach the pipe without protective equipment and without blocking the water.

Preventive measures

So that the question “what to do if a pipe burst?” Did not arise, and this situation did not turn out to be an emergency for residents of apartments or private houses, it is necessary to occasionally check the condition of the heating system pipes and water pipes .

Any pipeline failure is preceded by some symptoms, such as:

if steel pipes are in the system, then in some places paint on them eventually begins to peel off, this is a sign that rust plays a big role in this place;

if water drops appear on the pipe itself or in the joints, this indicates that it is necessary to take measures and look for the cause of their appearance.

Of course, you cannot save enough money on all life situations of repair materials and spare parts, but it is desirable to have a small coil of wire and a piece of rubber from an old car camera. The question “The pipe burst through what to do?” Will never take anyone by surprise.

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