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Bail Bonds in Birmingham Alabama is a Growing Business

Recent crime statistics and trends in Alabama indicate a rise in crime. Recent reports also suggest that crime is expected to rise further into 2019, with 2018 data showing that crime is likely to be below the 2016 data when Alabama’s violent crime rate surpassed the national average by 34 percent In that same year, its property crime rate exceeded the national average by 20 percent.

While high crime rates generally cause a decrease in new businesses opening, there is one business that is flooding to the Birmingham area. That business is the Bail Bonds business. A bail bond company posts bail for individuals that are accused of a crime so they can remain free during their court hearings. Paul Davis, owner of Quick Release Bail Bonds in Birmingham Alabama, said his business is doing better than ever.

According to the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) released by the FBI, the violent crime rate increased by 3.4 percent, with an estimated 17, 250 murders (2016), representing an 8.6 percent increase from the previous year. 2016 statistics also indicate that the property crime rate dropped 2 percent from the previous year. The report also shows there were about 1.2 million violent crimes in America in 2016, which meant an increase from the previous year. The FBI considered non-negligent manslaughter, robbery, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery as violent crimes.

2017 crime statistics also indicate that violent crime in the state of Alabama in 2016 increased by an estimated 12 percent from the previous year, but property crime offenses experienced a downward slope. FBI statistics have also revealed a violent crime rate of 532 incidences per 100, 000 inhabitants, with an estimated property crime rate of 2, 947 incidences per 100, 000 inhabitants in the year 2016. On the other hand, 2015 data reveal an estimated violent crime rate of 472 occurrences per 100, 000 inhabitants, whereas the property crime rate hit 2, 978 incidences per 100, 000 inhabitants.

The FBI’s UCR reported a total of 2006 incidences of Larceny-theft per 100, 000 inhabitants in 2016 alone. This was also the highest type of crime in the state, accounting for 58 percent of all crimes reported during the year. The second-highest was burglary at 700 incidences per 100, 000 inhabitants, which generally accounted for 20 percent of all occurrences of crime in all categories. Aggravated assault in the state was also significant, with incidences reaching 388 frequencies per 100, 000 inhabitants and accounting for 11 percent of all the case of crime in the state.

However, incidences of crime among other categories were generally fewer, with murder and non-negligent manslaughter being the lowest, at 8 incidences or cases per 100, 000 inhabitants (0 percent), followed closely by rape at 39 cases per 100, 000 inhabitants and robbery at 96 cases per 100, 000 inhabitants (1 percent). On the other hand, motor vehicle theft amounted to 241 cases per 100, 000 inhabitants, and this accounted for about 7 percent of the total number of crimes in the states regardless of the category.

According to the recent UCR report released by the FBI, violent crime rate in Alabama has generally increased, with cases of murder going up. However, the state has become usually safer than it was in 2015, where property crime rates were experiencing an upward movement. Regardless, the crime rate in Alabama is generally higher than the national average. On several occasions, Alabama has been classified among the most dangerous places to live and work in the U.S. This is attributed to the generally high unemployment rate in the state, which employers have pointed to the lack of skills among the residents seeking employment in various sectors. However, more specialized training could help to equip them with the skills employers are looking for.

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