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Guide to Choosing a Joint Supplement for your Dog

Over the years, you have witnessed your little furry baby grow from a little puppy to a strong adult to an old and weakened beast. Your best friend who was once strong and agile, has probably grown placid now, and needs a dose of extra love and care.

First things first, how can you tell that your dog is ageing and his bones are getting feebler? These are the most common signs to look out for.

- He has become slower in his activities

- His movements have become stiff

- He favours the use of one leg over the other

Just like we humans tend to develop join pains and bone deformities with age, so do dogs. And it calls for certain steps and precautions.

What breeds need joint supplements?

Aging is common for every dog, irrespective of its breed or size. Although, there are a few breeds which are hit harder with the perils of age, causing earlier onset and more severe issues.

The breeds which are extremely large in size, at any point have higher pressure on their hips and elbows as compared to other breeds, and thus are at a greater risk of of developing osteoarthritis.

What are joint supplements?

Joint supplements are proven to protect the joints and cartilages, and make the unaffected areas stronger and healthier. Glucosamine for dogs is one such very commonly used joint supplement for, which slows down the natural repair process in the body of your pet.

While we have established the requirement and purpose of joint supplements, here are a few pointers which you need to keep in mind, when you consider giving one to your pet.

• Do a very thorough research. Although, the market is flooding with an array of great products, there are a few sub-standard ones which sneak their way into the list. Thus it is very important to make a purchase from a reliable source only. Also, the the ingredients, power and recommended dosage of these supplements vary. Thus, it is crucial that you figure what is suitable for your pet, and go for it accordingly.

• Consult an expert before taking the final decision. It is a very fundamental advice, that before starting medications for anyone – be it a human or your four-legged buddy, you should consult a medical expert. In this case, you need to have a discussion with your vet so as to gain clarity about any other hidden health conditions of our pet or if there’s a chance of any side effects.

• Keep an open mind and practical expectations. Although these supplements will sure help to slow down the wearing out process, but you can’t expect magic overnight, nor can you expect to reverse the existing degeneration. So you need to be calm and patient.

Start taking care of your pal’s need before it gets really painful for him and subsequently you. Take necessary preventions from the very beginning including a healthy and nutritious diet and enough physical activity to make him naturally stronger.

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