Anna Preston

Useful Storage Accessories For Your Self Storage Unit

Read about some useful and cheap additions to your self storage unit to help you get it in great shape.

Cheap self storage is useful for all kinds of domestic and business customers looking to get extra space, for minimal cost. Just like any space though, it can become cluttered, untidy and a bit chaotic. In fact, it is more likely to become messy than your home because you don’t have to live amongst the mess every day.

To help you keep your self storage unit in great shape, here are some useful storage accessories to consider adding to your space:

A Cordless Vacuum

Self storage units get dusty, so a cordless vacuum is a great addition to your unit. Just don’t forget to recharge it at home every now and again if your unit doesn’t have power.

Kitchen Roll

Kitchen roll comes in handy for any spillages, dirt, dust, extra packaging and even makeshift lists and labels. It’s a great accessory for any tidy self storage unit.

Open Shelving

An industrial open shelving unit is so handy in a self storage unit. It’s a great place to store all the smaller boxes and items that clutter up the floor. Even better, they use wall space that's higher up, which is an efficient use of cheap self storage space.

Flat Boxes

Any flat boxes from a supermarket or from home can easily slot against a wall of a unit without taking up extra space. When you need to repackage something, boxes can be very handy, and they’re free anyway so why not store some?

Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are handy for organising anything in your unit. For using as temporary storage, or just holding your cleaning gear. If your see any on sale, buy a couple and keep them in your unit.

A Sweeping Brush

Sweeping brushes are always handy in a unit. Not only can they help with dust if you don’t have a vacuum, but they can help with clearing away any mess you make. This is especially true if you use your unit a lot for crafts or hobbies and tend to create a lot of debris on the floor.

Label Maker

Sticky labels are fine but label makers are so much more fun. You can create custom labels for your boxes and latest additions to your unit. It’s not necessary. but it is quick, easy and kind of a novelty.

A Trolley For Moving

A trolley, wheelbarrow, or other moving device is very helpful when it comes to saving your back. If your items are generally heavy, don’t hurt yourself! Keep a trolley or similar device in your lock-up to help with moving. If you don’t have one, don’t be afraid to ask at reception. They will likely have equipment to help you move your items around easily.

The accessories above are just some handy things to have on standby when you visit your unit. Accessories can just be extra clutter, or they can be useful. With the right extra additions to your self storage space you’ll find at least that small part of your life, much easier to manage.

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