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9 Digital Marketing Strategies for StartUps in 2019

Your business is exciting but challenging at the same time. Launching something unique and grabbing market attention is difficult. However, you need to understand all the business responsibilities that come with it. The Tech industry is complicated. There are many established firms present in the market and to be able to compete with those players, you need to employ creative yet competitive marketing strategies for your startup. Here are some Strategies used by majority of digital marketing agency Pakistan for improving brand awareness and online growth.

1. Email Marketing

Though many people consider email marketing as a dead strategy, it is far from the truth. According to a survey conducted by Demand Metric and the Data Marketing Association (DMA), email marketing was found to secure 122% ROI.

This is 4 times higher compared to the other marketing channels such as paid search, social media and direct mail. Why wouldn’t a startup want to have that type of email marketing? Last but not the least, you do not need a huge budget for running an email marketing campaign. Many startups use email marketing but are unable to harness its true potential.

2. Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is one of those techniques that turn the odds in your favor. However, it also comes at a high cost which is why you have to be careful when using it. Use it only when you can afford it, but when done correctly, it will bring in massive traffic to your site. You need to be smart about content creation so that an average user when visiting your site can understand it. Apply it and extend it according to your results.

3. Social Media Marketing

Who does not use social media these days? Since the launch of Social Media, it has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. A recent report by Social Media Examiner confirms 90% marketers understanding the need of using social media for their business. From these 90%, 89% Marketers indicate an increased exposure for their company.

4. Influencer Marketing & Outreach

Influencer Marketing is another marketing strategy that relies on a leader influencing people for purchasing a product. In other words, that person is the brand face for your product or services. It is an indirect way for marketing your business. Companies that have higher budgets can hire famous personalities to work for them.

5. Content Marketing

Content is not limited to textual forms. From blogging, articles, presentations to video and audio podcasts you can do it all. Use social media channels to reach the right audience. Utilize content marketing to increase your brand awareness.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine Optimization or SEO, is one of the slowest marketing forms. Though, it brings in free traffic and involves no ad cost, it can be very lucrative for your business if you want to invest in it for long term goals. A website is useless if it is not visible on search engines. You need to have your site optimized with the right keywords and Google guidelines to rank your site for an increased visibility and growth. You can also hire a proper SEO company to do the work for you.

7. Guest Blogs

Guest blog is a part of content marketing. It is a powerful traffic and link building techniques. It helps to bring in users back to your site to build an audience through blogs and community. Guest blogging will start increasing traffic to your site, so start finding the right guest posting sites for your business.

8. Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting is another important targeting option. It focuses on content for engaging with people. contextual targeting is also about putting ads on a website for user interaction and engagement. Contextual marketing handles everything as far as promotions are concerned.

9. Live Video Marketing

Videos are powerful means of content. Video streaming is one of the best ways to connect with clients and convey marketing messages. Social Media is one of the best ways for videos marketing! About 80% people focus on videos which increases the chances of your business getting noticed. Just pick high-quality video tools and post it on different platforms.

These are 9 digital marketing strategies which startups can implement to increase their brand awareness and business growth. You do not need to apply all of these at once, try implementing the ones that suit your business model and budget. Based on the results, extend your digital marketing campaign to get fruitful results.

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