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Map of Marijuana Legalization by States in 2020 (Medical & Recreational)

Despite the overall success of the marijuana legalization movement, the idea of marijuana legality is still a hot topic. You can get into a fight with your neighbor, a park ranger, or even a journalist who question whether it's legal to smoke pot.

Is marijuana legalization a pipe dream, or is there a possibility of marijuana legality? Should the government seriously consider legalizing marijuana? There are many benefits for the marijuana industry, if it were legalized. Legalization would certainly help businesses who deal with marijuana and would open up the industry to new customers. It would also reduce the strain on the court system as arrests would be more likely to be reduced because many people are no longer using marijuana illegally. It is legal in many states of USA. You can check legality states map here on platrom.

One main concern for those who advocate legalization is that it may encourage drug use among the youth. Of course, if marijuana were legalized in all states, then it would simply increase the crime rate among teens. However, it has been shown time again that teenagers who are use marijuana are less likely to end up in prison than teenagers who do not use marijuana. Therefore, if it were legalized in all states, then that would help reduce the chances of criminals abusing it. Teenagers would also be more likely to be accepted in society, and this would lead to less crimes and more jobs for adults who cannot get a job due to their age.

Legal or Not

Though people like to pretend that they don't care about the strict marijuana laws, but this isn't true. Any time someone can answer the questions, "Are marijuana legal or not?" the movement will win big.

In today's world people are questioning the morality of laws that not only keep them from enjoying their own freedoms but also from enjoying the freedoms of others. Being such a moralistic society, a lot of people tend to be against the use of drugs. People who live in countries where these laws are in place have a lot more freedom than those who live in countries where marijuana legalization is enforced.

If you're reading this article then I'm pretty sure you've already taken part in some anti-marijuana campaign. Maybe you've had a run in with the "war on drugs". Regardless of how much you know about marijuana legality, you should be able to answer that question.

Marijuana laws have been instituted by the government and at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry for years. Though many people will go so far as to say that marijuana legalization will cause the government to lose revenue, it's pretty hard to argue with the fact that marijuana is illegal. The money being made is coming from prison labor and drug cartels.

If marijuana was legal, a huge boost to our economy would be given to communities across the country that don't have the taxes to support prison labor, and the cartels would struggle to stay afloat. That would result in a decrease in crime rates, which will further decrease the amount of criminal activity going on in our communities.

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