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5 Things Burglars Wish You Didn’t Know But You Should

With Tulsa taking the top spot for the most dangerous city in Oklahoma according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, homeowners need to take caution about the safety of your home. A home is a sacred place and after a burglar attack, you’re likely to feel violated for months. The thought of having a stranger break into your home to compromise your safety is very terrifying. This is a good reason why it’s important to have a plan that guarantees the security of your home.

Here’s a catch

There’s a 5 percent chance of having your home attacked by thieves. This is possible regardless of whether it’s during the sweltering summer of cold winter. The bad thing is that these burglaries might involve violent injuries. With such grim statistics, it’s important to understand the importance of making your home less attractive to burglar attacks. This requires understanding 5 things burglars wish you didn’t know but you should.

Be wary of people who access your home

The chances are high that burglars are people who have already been to your home. Perhaps you called them to have your furnace repaired, water meter checked, or install a new tile floor. Burglars are known to operate phony service agencies. Failure to do due diligence might see you inviting possible burglars into your home. In the guise of going about their tasks, these people take time to notice any valuables worth their while. The trick is to only hire trusted and reliable service people for any task in your home.

Moving into a new place requires lock rekeying

Have you just moved to a new neighborhood? The first thing to do before moving in is to call a locksmith in Porter to rekey the locks. This is the most secure option to protect the access doors to your home. It eliminates chances of anyone having a spare key to access your home. The best thing about rekeying is its cost-effectiveness compared to lock replacement. Ensure to have the locksmith make extra copies that you can share with other family members of k some with people you trust. This will come in handy in case you lose the original key.

Close all windows at night or when going out

Depending on the number of windows on your property and their location, it’s very important to have them closed at night an when going out. Perhaps you let the handyman into the bathroom for some repairs. Ensure to check the bathroom window even when you don’t open it yourself. Phony service people have a habit of unlocking windows from where they can pass to access your home. Closing all windows makes access inside your home harder for potential burglars.

Don’t leave valuables in the yard

Leaving items like the kids' playground or water feature isn’t a good idea. It’s a hint that your home is filled with valuables. Perhaps you don’t have enough space where to keep such items. Ensure to keep them in the backyard where not everyone can notice them. The rule of thumb is to avoid leaving any valuable item in the yard. These might be the inspiration burglars to strike your home. Pick all items and store them away after use to avoid attracting thieves.

Don’t let people realize you’re not home

Are you going away on vacation? Thieves usually attack homes when occupants are away. These are easy bait because there’s no one to raise alarm. The smart thing to do is to avoid people noticing that you’re not home. Invest in light timers that automatically turn on at night or smart blinds that open and close accordingly. The ultimate goal is to make your home seem like there’s someone around. Alternatively, invest in a residential security system that might include an alarm and CCTV system. Thieves are less likely to attack your home in full view of security cameras.

Wrapping up

Homeowners must be mindful of the security of their household. This requires being mindful of people who access your home, closing all windows, and not leaving valuables in the yard. The best idea is to hire a professional locksmith to rekey your locks before moving in. Additionally, the locksmith can recommend an appropriate security system that will guarantee your home’s security.

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