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Spin and Shake is a Bartender Hire Service which has been operating in London for the past few months. Obviously, with the new restrictions, they have had to adapt to this ‘new reality’ and switch to the online world with their new Virtual Cocktail Class. However, on normal terms, they would set up their mobile bar in your house, workplace, or any venue that you desire and serve some delicious cocktails. Not only do they serve up incredible cocktails, but with their vast amount of bartending experience between them, they are able to wow and impress guests not only with their drinks, but also with their professional approach to bartending, and most importantly, their flair. The Co-Founder, Bryan Levato, is one of the best flair bartenders in the world and can really go all out when he needs to impress. This is what Spin and Shake has been offering and hopefully next year they will be able to really impress the world with what they have to offer.

For now, we can just enjoy their Virtual Cocktail Class and learn some of their most popular cocktails. These cocktails are some classical ones and some variations on those classic cocktails we all know and love. These are just a few of the cocktails you can order with Spin and Shake, but they do seem to cover all the essentials for those cocktail enthusiasts out there!

Pornstar Martini:

This drink is one of the most popular cocktails out there. It was originally named the “Maverick Martini,” but then the inventor, Douglas Ankrah, decided to change it to “Pornstar Martini,” which alludes to the passion fruit and also implies that with the drink, you are definitely going to have some fun. Served with half a passion fruit and a shot of champagne, this drink couldn’t be more sensual and rather exciting.

Vodka (40ml)

Passionfruit liqueur (20ml)

Passion fruitpurée (20ml)

Lime juice (20ml)

Vanilla syrup (10ml)

(Shake and fine strain into a chilled coupe glass and serve with half a passion fruit and a champagne shot on the side)


This fresh, vibrant, and strong cocktail will definitely be on the list for my next party! A perfect rum cocktail balanced with the freshness of mint and lime. With so many variations out there of it, sometimes its best form is its simplest.

Lime wedges (4)

Sugar syrup (20ml)

Mint leaves (8-12)

Light rum (60ml)

Soda (top)

(Muddle, bash, build and churn this one into a highball glass filled with crushed ice and serve with a mint sprig)

Mango Daiquiri:

A variation on the classical Daiquiri (Rum, lime juice and sugar syrup) but just as delicious. The Daiquiri is such a versatile drink that you can make it your own by just adding a fruit liqueur and fresh fruit of your choice. Why not make it a frozen Daiquiri and add crushed ice and throw it all in a blender?

Light rum (40ml)

Mango liqueur (20ml)

Lime juice (20ml)

Mango purée (40ml)

(Shake and fine strain into a chilled martini glass)

Garden of Eden:

A forbidden drink, much like the forbidden fruit that it is made with. Not quite as holy as you think as you may too be ending the night without your clothes if you have too many of these, much like Adam and Eve.

Dark rum (30ml)

Lime juice (10ml)

Apple juice (top)

(Build into an iced-up rocks glass and top with some apple slices)

Whisky Sour:

This drink is normally enjoyed with Bourbon (a delicious 10-year Bourbon is the best in my opinion). Bourbon has a lot of character and carries itself surprisingly well in a drink like a whiskey sour, especially when it is having to battle against the sugar syrup and lemon juice to break through it.

Angostura bitters (2 dashes)

Egg white (15ml)

Bourbon (60ml)

Lemon juice (30ml)

Sugar syrup (15ml)

(Dry shake and then shake and strain into a rocks glass or chilled coupe and garnish with a orange zest and cherry)

Sex on the Beach:

A beautifully fruity drink with some delicious peach liqueur and a bright vodka coming through with this drink. Let us hope you get as lucky as the name after a few of these drinks!

Vodka (20ml)

Peach liqueur (20ml)

Cranberry juice (50ml)

Orange juice (50ml)

(Build into a highball glass with ice)

Sea Breeze:

Another deliciously fruity cocktail for those with a sweet tooth. The balance of cranberry juice and grapefruit juice will certainly put you in a summery mood.

Vodka (40ml)

Cranberry juice (60ml)

Grapefruit juice (40ml)

(Build into a highball glass with ice)

Espresso Martini:

The perfect drink to keep you going all through the night. This will certainly give you a boost of energy to keep you partying away.

Vodka (40ml)

Kahlua (20ml)

Espresso (1 shot)

Sugar syrup (10ml)

(Shake and fine strain this into a chilled martini glass and garnish with three coffee beans)

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