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Depression in the Workplace: What We Can Do

Depression touches everybody in the workplace, although you may not know it. Depression is one of the top reasons for loss of productivity, sick days taken, and disability leave, affecting almost one in ten adults each year. Unaddressed workplace depression may lead to lower profits and productivity as well as increased errors and accidents.

It is no longer an option to avoid depression. Everyone in the workplace could help address this problem rather than be bystanders.

Depression is a serious brain medical problem that affects the mood, concentration, level of activity, interests, appetite, social behavior and personal health of a person. While depression can be managed, it is often a lifelong condition that alternates wellbeing cycles with depressive recurrences.

Depression Symptoms -

You may be depressed if you have at least five of these symptoms that occur almost daily for at least two weeks:

Feeling sad or empty

Having no motivation or enjoyment in doing things

Experiencing a shift in appetite with weight loss or weight gain

Problems lessening or staying asleep or sleeping too much

Feeling exhausted, exhausted and having little strength.

Letting personal hygiene go – not bathing or not dressing well

Recurring thoughts of injuring yourself

Depression symptoms You might find unfinished projects

Increased mistakes

Concentration of Forgetfulness


Missing work

Fatigued all the time

Unexplained discomfort and pain

Loss of interest in work or socializing with colleagues

Irritable or emotional outbursts

Increased safety threats, injuries Increased alcohol and/or drug use

Why a person Many don't think they're sad, they know they're sick, exhausted and not themselves.

Most depressed people would like help, but there may be a barrier. Many are uninformed they have depression, they just know they feel sick, tired and not themselves. Others might not be able to ask for help or be too busy to be constructive. Some may worry that they will lose their job or career opportunities, cost them or have reservations about privacy.

What You Can Do To Help -

Speak about what you've learned to the individual in private.

Encourage them to use the usually free, confidential EAP (Employee Assistance Program) of your business, or make an appointment with their primary care physician or a licensed health care professional.

Let them know that depression is a condition that can be handled very well, not a failure.

If they are worried about racism or confidentiality, let them know that the American Disability Act protects depression.

Join their course of treatment.

Reassure them that they're going to feel better.

Be a good listener, please. Find out more about depression and its symptoms.

What Your Organization Can Do -

If you're in a leadership or management, there's a lot you can do to help your employees with depression.

Empower your staff to understand and recognize depression by providing a brochure, an intranet link to your company and/or training for staff.

How Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin Can Help -

Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin provides mood disorders and depression treatment Austin at all levels of care. Our clinicians are trained to provide many different psychotherapy treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy Austin dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT). We also offer specialty neuromodulation techniques that use electrical or magnetic currents to stimulate or alter brain activity. Visit us today.

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