Pc, Xbox or PS games still exist probably you might not even know. You might think the concept of console gaming at your desk is a distant memory but certainly that not the only case. Wait, Pc gaming is as enormous as it’s ever been there is a fantastic collection of the game you would like to choose in 2019.

Right from the most favorite PUBG to the long-running titles such as Leagues of Legends. There is no better time to let your old dusty Pc fire up again.

After many heated debates and researches, our game experts complied a shortlist of all times favorite PC games that 2019 offers to have all the tastes and genre. This guide is regularly being updated so check here often for fresh news.

But keeping in view you need to have a good internet service provider to have the right bandwidth for best experience and un-distributed gaming sessions. For more internet service provider you can check here too.



The apex legends inspired from Pubg and Fortnite, this is free to play game has grown in popularity within a short span just after the release. Having a download of 25 million if the first week. The game brings extra-ordinary graphics, first-person gameplay that integrates a team base element into a battle scene. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed and rewards team. Go out and be victorious. Don’t forget to check the best internet service packages for your gaming.


The online game which has the wining heart of many gamers requires a good internet speed. For best gameplay experience you can click here for exciting packages of the internet service provider. In PUGB you are left on an island and pitted against one another to fight to the death. Last man standing wins.


A classic multiplayer shooter and extremely addictive, OverWatch is one of the most compelling games out there. You would be spending the majority of your free time on it. Playing one round right after the other. It has a unique roster of playable characters and classes. If you love the Blizzards wonderful work then surely you will love the overwatch. One of the most competitive shooters we’ve seen in recent years.

Battlefield 1

The battlefield 1 which was first introduced in late 2016 was a major success. A few years past and the game is still the most played games and we could choose it over the newer BF V. this first-person shooter games is themed upon the WW1. You can expect early 20 century guns, tanks, and aircraft. It is available in both single and multiplayer modes. This game could be best played with Xfinity Internet. For exciting internet service packages, you can click here.


The Third Person shooter is action-packed. Fortnite is a cartoonish royale shooter where your aim is to survive for as long as possible. The ultimate goal is to kill others and stay live among 100 other players.

COUNTER-STRIKE: Global offensive

Also known as CS: GO the biggest eSports First Person Shooter game there has ever been. This is the most played game in all-time which requires some great BW and lag less internet. For some best internet service packages click here to enjoy your game just like you want it. This is an incredibly complex shooter that takes a lot of skills and is not suitable for the faint-hearted. The utmost importance of having the fastest monitors, best mouse, graphic cards and internet. Having all these requirements CS: GO than meets the eye. Not only visually appealing game but of you want to test your reaction and climb the ranks, CS: GO is your go-to a game.


The Minecraft is a massive sandbox game that allows you to create and build anything your heart desires. To create your perfect world you will need to mine or create. You may find zombies and creatures attacking you. You will have to fend them off by staying indoors or by defending yourself with the weapons that you create. You will be needing the requirement of the best internet service provider which you may find here.

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